Wednesday, November 30, 2011

five months

Little Dude just keeps getting cuter every day.  I tell him he is big, brave, strong, beautiful, important and loved.  He likes belly time and lifts his head and shoulders and looks in the mirror and smiles at his reflection.  Even he knows how cute he is!  His dark hair is coming through and he likes when I gently comb his head.  Now I call him ChaChaBoo.
This week he discovered his feet and plays with them especially when he wears clothes with designs.  He knows the cue for rolling over when we say 1..2..3 and we gently nudge him to perform his greatest new feat back and forth.  He giggles with glee everytime and is supremely proud of this trick.  We place a variety of play things around him and prop him on the bed and he just scopes through all he has to choose from and grabs them with both hands and shakes them up.  His favorites this week are Cookie Monster, Polar Bear and Mortimar the Moose. 
Dillan's facial expressions are comical and he is being boistrous about his thrills and dislikes.  He has a strong voice and likes to use it.  Every week he tries new foods and really mops up his meals.  When he sees the bottle we say Ba Ba and that's it ~ he knows what's coming.  As luck would have it, this week Sesame Street featured Elmo and penguins.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited he was about that.  His godfather gave him the movie Happy Feet so we'll see how he likes that next week. 
Now he discovered sitting gives him a better perspective of his world so the high chair serves a multi-purpose besides eating his nummies.  The only downside of having so many places to entertain him in our house are the stairs.  Up and down all day is placing a toll on the knees and we truly feel like the grandparents. It was easier with the boys when we were younger but age does that, so we take it at a slower, more careful pace.  Soon he will be teething and his drooling is appeased by little rings to rub his gums.  We go through half a dozen bibs each day just to keep him dry.  The pacifier is still his best buddy but he only requires it for falling asleep; otherwise he practices putting it in and out of his mouth and talks to it.  I must get that little contraption that clips it to his clothes because it is constantly falling on the ground. 
He enjoys when I read to him and actually holds the book and tries to turn the pages.  His favorite this week is You Are My Sunshine.  His presents are all wrapped and ready to open and right now he enjoys looking at the paper and bows ~ of course it has penguins on it.  We place him in the bouncer for variety and he watches the choo choo and penguin stickers then latches onto his lion buddy where he studies it to no end. He is really quite fond of that simple little thing. 
His Grandpa Poppie will miss him soon when he begins a new job so he spent lots of quality time this week and the bond is deep between them already.  He gave him a little Simba lion that fits just right in his little hands.  Dillan really studies our faces and when we walk away he tracks us. My favorite time is when he latches onto my hands while he drinks from his bottle or before he drifts off into slumber.  These are my magical moments.  The touch is tremendous.  Our Dillan days may be long but they go by swiftly.  Time does that when you're having fun and his world continues to amaze us.  The blessings never cease. xo