Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hi mom

Today it's been four years.  Dad mentioned you were his bride for 52 years and when I brought him a gorgeous photo of you he couldn't stop talking about how beautiful you are and he really misses you.  We talked about how you are in a better place now and continue to watch over him. 

We offered mass for you today at St. Turibius where Dad is an usher.  He is so proud of his role in the church as he has embraced God's grace to sustain him while you are not around. I suggested he hang around with us for awhile longer and overcome any medical issues with your help upstairs and when the time comes, you both will be reunited when you call for him.  He smiled and lovingly said how much he loves all his kids.

He prays for all his family and he has so much to be thankful for.  Brother Bo takes good care of him as much as he can and they are two peas in a pod at home.  The rest of us do our best to keep them both healthy and happy as he always says "no pressure, whatever and whenever you can."  Dad visits his buddies everyday and it keeps him going.  Matter of fact, his foot wound healed amazingly quickly because he is getting good circulation and he has a little purpose and reason to get up and about everyday. He is hell bent on winning the lottery so none of us ever have to work again.  LOL.

We try to get Dad over to our place every few weeks for a change of scenery and to see his little great grandson.  This year has brought many new commitments from your grandkids with Nikki and Aaron ~ Melissa and Joe co-habiting together in their new home, Jackie and Justin ~ Jason and Vanessa getting engaged to be married, all three of our boys graduating college this year and many little moments to be grateful for.  Next year Mike and Margarita and Jackie and Justin will tie the knot and you know what that means ~ more great-grandbabies down the road.  Your bond with Big Daddy is starting to grow seeds of new life and your union is keeping you both immortal.  Keep whispering in his ear and we will continue to make you proud, Mom.  xo