Tuesday, November 15, 2011

deck the halls

After juggling my schedule and multi-tasking all month, I felt the urge to do something domestic to balance things a bit and decided to begin a new project to deck my halls and windows with some lighted garland greens and bows for the holiday season.  I am going to keep things simple and classy for a change and use ribbons and bows to embellish our trees and surroundings.  I went online for some ideas then hit the stores to stir up my creative juices.
To my delight all holiday decorations and ribbons were 50% off so I stocked up on a plethora of supplies to get started.  Lo and behold, I discovered a new tool to let me create some fantastic bows with minimal work.  I watched the DVD learning tool and played all day with my new toy.  Thank you, Bowdabra!
This handy tool is simply amazing...
and so fun.

Each bow takes very little time to make, it's just a matter of measuring and deciding colors.

I have all my discount coupons collected and pretty soon I will dash to the craft stores for more supplies and see what I come up with.  My mom had a Christmas tradition of making amazing handcrafted presents for all her kids and I may just continue her method now that I have a tool to enable me to make some decent items using my two left thumbs.  Margarita already bought her ribbons and we will make some bows for her Christmas tree this weekend.  And so it begins.....Fa La La La La... La La La La.  xo