Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my joy

My little cutie is so happy these days.  Every week he amazes us with his smiles, squeals and responses. 
He masters grabbing and holding on to objects and puts them in his mouth to explore their texture.
He is enthralled with the little lion on his bouncer and is attaching to Mortimar the Moose.  Lamaze has some really cute baby stuff.  I spent an afternoon browsing online and at Toys R Us to check out the new items for babies these days.  I left with a bunch of books and a lullaby CD for now.  It is completely overwhelming.
Dillan is working all his strong muscles with belly time.  He didn't like it at first, but now he grunts and gets his little body ready to roll.  At 17 pounds, he is ready for some solid grub and will experience pureed veggies and fruits as well as rice cereals.  Gotta get the good old highchair down from the attic!
I just love when he burrows and scrunches to prepare for his new moves.
We help him roll over for now and clap and get all excited when he does it.  It won't be long and he will perform this all by himself. I tagged a bunch of photos to Mikey and was told to keep it at a 5 a day limit so his phone doesn't ring off the hook.  LOL  I just can't help myself and get carried away.
Dillan loves, loves, loves Sesame Street and for about a good half hour was squealing and kicking and babbling at an episode featuring Big Bird and Elmo.  It kinda reminds me of how Beavis and Butthead bust up. Guess who is going to hit the store for those stuffed animals this weekend? 

Ode to Joy xo