Monday, October 10, 2011

whirlwind weekend :)

My week ended as busy as it began and was filled with cherishable moments.  It seems my life is very impromptu and I take it one day at a time ~ come what may.  After reconnecting with some of my clients after a two year hiatus, Friday rolled along and we had Dillan day.  Sharing his world brings a high I never imagined.  Ozis stayed over the weekend and remained my shadow all the time. 
The new wind family had a remarkable photo shoot and shared some of the pictures.  What treasures! 
Saturday was filled with more sunshine as we visited my niece's new digs in Tinley Park.  Melissa and Joe own a huge lot and they worked diligently to clear the way for amazing plants and foilage and it felt as if we were out in the country.  Wayne and Robert threw the football in just a portion of their land until the rest of the families arrived.  It's always nice catching up with those you love.  Our nephew, Robert (a.k.a. Bobby Stone; Mickey Sprout,) decided he wanted to continue our bonding and came back home with us for the long weekend.  Those two are comical together ~ two peas in a pod.  They talk the same language. 
Sunday brought another sunny day and more memories as we headed down to Bourbonnais to our happy place.  Uncle Bill looks fantastic and he showed Robert all his guitars and Aunt Diane shared the fruits of her labor in her ever-blooming garden.  After some healthy conversations, we continued our journey.
Robert felt the good energies, too, and wants to come back next month when we make the rounds again.
The Girtman Garden  :)
Here's the happy clan.  It was their granddaughter Megan's birthday so they headed out to celebrate and we continued on our way to see Uncle Steve in Manteno.
Uncle Steve is now 94 years old and it seems he is getting better at each visit.  It has become evident that Helen is connecting with him and Robert was witness to how he listens for a bit and then shares what she says to Uncle Steve, who passes on the messages from the other world.  I believe this is why he is doing so well ~ his sister, his partner, is helping him cope. 
We had all our family members over for barbeque when we returned from our touring and enjoyed baby once again.  He was quite cranky so I was being creative in trying to soothe and comfort him and realized the secret is in the art of distraction.
These two comical cohorts kept me entertained all weekend (an extended weekend due to a holiday.) They watched a lot of football and baseball and made up songs and now he wants to form a band with all the Wind boys and himself and call it Windmill (Wind and Miel).  That boy is pretty clever if you ask me!  While I serviced a client in my home on Monday, they ran some errands, visited Riverwalk and then Steve and I took him shopping for some new feel-good items. 
The older Winds whirled around through all the neighborhoods with the top down to see the beautiful autumnal scenery and Lemont wins the prize.  Lately, it seems the best plans occur when you don't make any.  I'm learning something new every day and look forward to each moment as it occurs.  Baby Dillan has the right idea ~ now it's naptime!  xo