Sunday, October 30, 2011

pitchin' in 4 penny

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Cancer...every single person reading this has been touched by it.  Either you know someone who has cancer, you have lost someone who suffered from cancer, or perhaps you are fighting the demon known as cancer yourself.  Whatever the circumstances, you know the battle is long, stressful, painful and expensive.
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Penny (Peracke) Prokop, a 46 year old mother, sister, wife, aunt, godmother, co-worker and friend knows all too well the toll cancer can take.  She and her family are in a fight for Penny's life.  Two years ago, Penny was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.  Although the average life expectancy for Glioblastoma is 18 months, Penny is beating the odds with the help of an aggressive oncologist who enrolled her in a powerful ~ and expensive ~ treatment.  Penny takes a pill form of chemotherapy every two weeks, each infusion costing $15,000.  Combined with doctor's bills and other medications to keep her feeling well, Penny's medical costs are daunting and Penny lost her health insurance on May 1, 2011. 
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Prior to her diagnosis, Penny was a regular "super-mom"  She was a Cub Scout leader, involved in her two children's cheerleading, volleyball and hockey teams, and participated in the PTA.  She also worked two part-time dental jobs.  One of her employers ~ the one with whom she had health insurance ~ fired her shortly after she underwent brain surgery.  Despite the exhausting radiation treatments and recuperating from surgery, Penny was determined to keep working.  She returned to work just a month after brain surgery and went on her husband's insurance.  She did not want to fall behind on her commitments and has done whatever is necessary to keep working and contributing to the family.  To this very day, she continues to work full time.  Penny has been seeking other options for health insurance but has met with many closed doors.  It is virtually impossible fo find coverage with major pre-existing conditions like cancer.  Without insurance, Penny cannot afford the expensive treatments that have been keeping her cancer at bay for the past two years, but none of us can afford for her to stop taking the treatment.
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Celebration of life, a celebration of a wonderful woman

For all of us who experienced the love and warmth that is knowing Penny, let us come together and celebrate her strength of spirit during her fight against Glioblastoma.  Penny is a woman of amazing courage.  With hope, friends and family on her side, Penny will ovecome anything.  Recently, Penny was able to celebrate the positive and encouraging results of her last doctor's appointment.  Let us join Penny and maintain this momentum of hope. 
Penny's family and friends are holding a benefit for Penny to help raise funds for her medical treatment.  There will be bullet and raffle tickets, silent auction, entertainment and a buffet and beverages for attendees.   Cost of admission is $35.00.

October 30, 2011

 Gaelic Park,
6119 147th Street
Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

1:00 ~ 6:00pm

Stop by and pitch in for Penny!  xo

For more information, please visit the website