Wednesday, October 19, 2011

baby love

There is nothing more precious than holding a wee one as he drifts into slumber.  Our days with Dillan fill this home with so much new energy and awe that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's a reality that he is in our lives.
When he is awake, he is wide-eyed and bushy tailed. As he approaches his fourth month he is becoming more engaging and aware of his surroundings.  He takes a few cat naps and one long one but most of the time is spent discovering his world.  While he used to want to be held most of the time, now he enjoys lying in the bassinet or big bed and perusing the colors and objects that strike his fancy.
He seems attached to certain stuffed animals and others he pays no mind to.  He loves his Tigger tiger, big bear and more recently, Cookie Monster.  He does not care for Barney (thank God) or the Grouch just yet.  I let him feel a variety of textures to stimulate his tactile senses and play bicycle with his legs to give them a nice stretch.  He had a mini massage with baby lotion to hydrate his skin and keep everything running smoothly.  I played a lullabye show about the popular Goodnight, Moon narrated by Susan Sarandon and he latched on to it.  I will tape Sesame Street for future viewings but don't want to expose him to too much television ~ he'll have enough of that when he is older.  Mike says he already watches South Park with him (help!) LOL
Dillan responds to verbal cues and is really expressing himself with so many sounds these days.  It seems one week brings all sorts of new accomplishments.  He still favors his pacifier (the dee dee) but more often than not, he explores with his fingers in the mouth.  Sometimes I worry he'll gag himself when he puts his hands, and often both, in that orifice. 
Yesterday he grasped on to his rattle and teething ring and doesn't hold it for very long, but it's a start.  Once he realizes the cause and effect he will have with these toys, it won't be long and he'll realize he has the world at his fingertips (pun intended.)  He does not like being on his stomach but we put him on just long enough to practice the airplane and get his muscles moving.  He is a hearty eater and very, very healthy and now has chubby cheeks.  Once he becomes physically active, he will need it!  I wonder how much he weighs now and will find out at his next doctor visit.  He has to be over 15 pounds, at least.
One of the most profound milestones happened yesterday as well.  I read a new book each visit and usually he stays attentive through the whole book so I read it a couple, three times.  This time he sat up and remained erect for the whole story and touched the pages!  As any new grandparent may know (and we are discovering) things have changed alot since we had our babies.  Nowadays, babies must sleep on their backs to protect them from SIDS, car seats are extremely protective and can transform into strollers with attachments, and a baby should not be put in a sit position until around four months.  I understand it has something to do with the spine development.  Since he is almost at that age, he probably figures he is ready to get on with living life to its fullest, especially when it comes to reading books and seeing his world from another angle. 
This week we read Spooky Old Tree featuring the Berenstein Bears since Halloween is approaching and I wanted him to get into the mood.  He likes the Care Bears A ~ Z but his favorite is still Are You My Mother?  (just like his daddy.)  These days Dillan vocalizes so much more with distinct Agoo, and Ah! and has discovered his tongue, too.  There are always bubbles around his little lips and his eyes track us as we walk around him.  He discovered mirrors and likes to see himself but will not realize that it is himself until much later when he is almost two.
When he has enough stimulation for the time being, he lets us know and I calm him in his favorite room ~ the birdies in the bathroom and most importantly ~ Steve's room.  He loves loves loves the sunflower paintings and cloud windows and shakes with glee when he looks at it.  That is the room I raised our boys in so it has some pretty cool energies in there. 
See what I mean!  Moonface :)

  My baby love giving a shout out to his second cousin and my niece, Nikki, on her 24th birthday today!     xo