Sunday, October 2, 2011

for the purpose

The Words of St. Therese

Great deeds are forbidden me. I cannot preach the Gospel nor shed my blood – but what does it matter? Others toil instead of me, and I, a little child, keep close by the throne of God and I love for those who fight. Love proves itself in deeds. I will scatter flowers, perfuming the Divine Throne, and I will sweetly sing my hymn of love. These flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least of actions for love.

                                            Our Novena Prayer

Little Flower, child of God, you had great and heroic dreams to embrace everthing. You had to learn your limits and focus the divine energy of love into the ordinary details and routines of life.
Inspirit me with your “little way” to learn to focus my energy and God’s love on the little things. Help me sweetly perfume life by simple smiles, words of encouragement, kind eyes and peaceful judgments. Let my actions speak more powerfully than my words of Jesus’ great love for each and every one of God’s children.
Keep me faithful to the details and small things that are so significant in our lives. Give me your childlike and tender spirit. Teach me how to do ordinary things with your extraordinary love.


This novena prayer has settled in my soul for quite some time lately and after meditating on the words they reached out and I listened to its personal message to me.  Life dictates our destiny but we choose how to shine in our world in our everyday contributions and productivity.  I am finding my purpose in the past has been fulfilled and need to pursue another direction besides remaining a domestic goddess.  I didn't wait too long to take action and felt a little out of my element when preparing a resume as I never, ever needed one my whole life, but this is a new world and I pulled one together.  The next course of action was deciding where I want to offer my specialties and immediately I thought of a spa in Hinsdale where it all began for me a dozen years ago.  My friend, Frank, built Nature's Path at that time and I assisted in providing my first offerings to clients attending a few Ladies Nights.  This helped me gain the confidence I needed to continue giving massage on my own and as my mentor, Frank led the way for me to follow as I opened The Goddess Touch closing in on 12 years now. 
I dropped off my resume with Maria, the current owner of Your Natural Element, whom I met a long time ago.  This is a quaint and lovely spa and salon offering a variety of services with Aveda products. We have the same insight and passion for our craft and hold many ideals in common.  Within an hour I received a call  to discuss the details and later that day it was official that I resume massage therapy at her spa.  I called a few clients and they already made a reservation, so the universe is providing a purpose for me with open arms.  Everything went smoothly for this transition back into the real world.  I can continue to do what I do best and feel appreciation for a job well done.  Unfortunately, we don't always get that being a domestic goddess.  Feel me? 

The room I will be working out of is the color purple, which means thoughout the dozen years, I have provided sessions in rooms of every chakra color except for blue.  We never know what opportunities life will bring us but I do know that when she throws us a curve ball, we must look at this as a sign there will always be another one pitched to us, and if we can just find a way to connect with it, hit it hard, and let it fly as far as it will go, we will win the game.  As my motto says, service to humanity is true spirituality.  This goddess is not done yet! xo

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."  Abraham Lincoln