Monday, October 17, 2011

my plate is full

My week was filled to the hilt.  This is quite a significant change from waking up and going with the flow as to whatever the day may bring, but I am managing to groove into my new routine.  Whenever I am away from my home for too long, I have to reconnect and nest by preparing a hearty meal and I successfully created breaded porkchops, potatoes, green beans and pumpkin muffins.  The days of homemade meals are dwindling for now. :P
These are some photos of Your Natural Element, where I give massage these days.  I still provide this service out of my home and this week I had someone almost everyday.  I continue to slowly but surely reconnect with my clients to let them know I am back in the game, but until I get a good rhythm going, I am taking it in increments.
Here is the salon in Hinsdale.
Room where the manicures and pedicures happen.
This is an Aveda concept spa so there is a plethora of products with the natural ingredients to pamper and beautify.
I give massage in the purple room most of the time.  There are four rooms available but I share the room with the owner, Maria. 
In between clients, I play with the healing stones.  The facility has two showers for guests to use.  It's quite cool here.
We had Dillan day on Wednesday which was absolutely perfect.  He was pleasant the entire day and gave us so much joy with his cooing, and responding to our voices. 
All babies have fussy days, but this day he was happy and enamored with our company.  We took a buggy ride to see the trees and let him explore our home in detail.  He really likes Steve's room with his sunflower artwork and cloud windows.  We played for over an hour when Boo came home from school.  He got so excited when the fan was twirling I thought he just might burst out of his britches!
He locked into the Are You My Mother? book so I read it twice.  He is adorable (which is what all grandparents say.)   You never know with wee ones.  One day they fuss and nothing keeps them content and other days everything fills them with joy. 
We enjoyed a string of perfectly gorgeous weather and took advantage to be outdoors as much as possible.  This bambi deer just soaked in the morning dew and hung around our backyard for quite awhile.  We raked some leaves and picked a bunch of tomatoes and peppers still ripening on the vine.  Big Daddy ate the whole container in one day.  He has a sick foot issue as he dropped a tv tray on it a couple of weeks back and it has been haunting us ever since.  Having diabetes hinders extremities from healing quickly and since he continues his daily routine by walking on it, it is taking longer to heal.  We went for xrays and spent most of the week visiting various doctors, labs and specialists and closely monitoring and redressing the wound. I hope Karen, Carrie and Bo have unlimited texting as I have been lighting up their phones with updates and pics about his ordeal.  We almost thought he needed to be hospitalized as it seemed to worsen but something amazing happened yesterday and when we arrived it healed profoundly.  The powerful antibiotics surely kicked in but something tells me divine intervention was at hand.  When we left his house there was a beautiful monarch butterfly hovering our heads.  Thanks, Mom.   Today a surgeon who specializes in this specific injury will tend to him.  Prayers for speedy recovery are requested. 
Wayne brought Big Daddy to the lab for his bloodwork and afterward he came to our home for a bit, where he played the piano with his signature boogie tune.  It warmed our hearts so much I had to share it on facebook and youtube.  Who knows, maybe Ellen will see it and have him on her show!  Wouldn't that be something?  After the loaded week, we decided to go on a date and visit Danny at Maggiano's for some good grub.  It was overcrowded with a couple of weddings and other patrons with the same thing in mind, but always worth the trip. 
This was in the doctor's office.  Full plates require balance and everything in moderation.  Amen to that. xo