Friday, July 23, 2010

still celebrating

at dao's in burr ridge
steve and darcy

We began Wayne's double nickel celebration when he arrived home a little early from work and immediately we pulled out the birthday pie - key lime is his favorite - so to Baker's Square I went. After singing the famous birthday song, we carried on to visit Dan at Dao's for some sushi and thai food.  We ended up tasting his concoctions which included a pear liquor, sake, mai tai, patron and cranberry and a simple glass of merlot wine.  Mojitas were flying off the bar as the other patrons ordered them like crazy.  We met a man visiting for business and once he heard us talking about Creature Features, the conversations never ceased.  Darcy's friends stopped by and before you know it, we had a full out party happening. 

The planet Jupiter is coming through the next few days and his prominent themes cover the power of positive thinking, golden opportunities, good fortune, wealth, creation, reaching long-sought goals, educational and publishing pursuits, foresight, providence, large-scale enterprises, religion and philosophy, pride, arrogance, speculation, risk-taking, and over-looking a good thing.  Be mindful of his influence and apply accordingly.

We drove to the city to dine at Due's Pizzeria and off to indulge in a little music thanks to the fabulous Hall and Oates.  They performed at the wondrous Chicago Theater, whose acoustics are phenomenal.  The decor is so lovely, capturing the architecture of days gone by.  They played all their hits and then some.  Well worth waiting for.
chicago theater

This weekend we are making our way to visit Uncle Steve in Quincy for his 93rd birthday.  We're avidly pursuing transferring him to a home closer to us so this may be our last trip down there.  I hope they have an outdoor concert as last year, and a huge Hardee's burger is a must.  Upon our return we look forward to my all time favorite show Mad Men.  We spent the last few weeks re-watching past episodes to get Steve caught up with the series for he is now a maddict with us. 
ya gotta love that joanie

This area is getting blasted with heat galore then crazy storms and while I adore this weather, it could be dangerous to some, so stay cool, hydrated and keep inside if you must to avoid heat exhaustion.  Please pray for our Aunt Aletha who just underwent back surgery.    Recovery can take awhile but she comes from strong genes and before you know it, she will be wearing her line-dancing shoes. 

...we could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world. Helen Keller

The soul cannot choose to be anything if there is nothing to choose from.  Neale Donald Walsch

Follow your dream...If you stumble, don't stop and lose sight of your goal, press on to the top.  For only on the top can you see the whole view. Amanda Bradley

live happily ever! xo