Thursday, July 8, 2010

happy birthday to you

Today is Ladi Di's 70th birthday.  Happiness to you, sweet aunt.  I so enjoy sharing my thoughts and photos with you.  You inspire me every day to live life to its fullest and keep a positive spin on everything.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  July is filled with birthdays so I am posting all who celebrate another year.  October must be a torrid month.  It is in the sign of Scorpio, the most passionate and romantic of zodiac signs so that must be why so many were conceived then. 

Carissa Palaszynski
Jim Payne
Cindy Lutz
Dennis Palaszynski
Greg Gale
Diane Girtman
Rachel Mielzynski
Jan Drowns
Ray Mallow
Jackie Wilkin
Nancy Gibbons
Marilyn Benes
Steve Hynek
Wayne Wind
Steve Nalepa
Amy Benes
Bob Wind
Tom Riley
Cash Antoniolli
Tom Block

May your special day be filled with lots of love and laughter... and many more! xo

Age doesn't protect you from love. 
But love, to some extent, protects you from age.

All the great blessings in my life
Are present in my thoughts today.

After fifty most of the bullshit is gone.