Monday, July 26, 2010

wrath of rain

storm clouds

We journeyed down South and missed the torrential rains that flooded our neighboring suburbs and the city. We lucked out this time by not having to deal with clean up at our home but could not believe how horribly some homes were hit. I am praying for all those severely affected by these rains.  Anyone who ever experienced a flood knows how devastating they can be.  Just as we arrived in Quincy, the clouds became heavy and the rains persisted.  Uncle Steve needed some fresh air and together we watched the rains come down for a couple of hours.  It was really quite nice until the tornadoes threatened the area. 
uncle steve watching the raindrops

I was curiously captivated by the cloud formations on this trip and my camera was consistently clicking.  The drive home was filled with anticipation to finally not have to travel anywhere for awhile.  Little did we know how wrong we were.  The house in the city was hit with almost two feet of sewer water and needless to say, we travelled once again to clean things up.  Yuck.  We had to throw out our shoes and socks after that mess.  I will miss my Rocket Dogs.  Luckily I put things up high and cleared most of the junk a few months ago so the damages were minimal.  After shoveling the soot, Wayne discovered an easier method by using a hose and a squeegee. I still needed the old-fashioned mop to disinfect the joint.  We went through a whole gallon of bleach to accomplish that task.   Still, I would rather it happened at that house than ours.   Tiles are one thing; carpets another.
aftermath of basement flood

Now all the duties are completed and we can hang at home for the time being.  I must have scrubbed in the tub for almost an hour.  That stuff is nasty.  I will close for today with a thing of beauty after all the downer activity.  This flower is about 10" in diameter.  I never saw an hibiscus so huge.  We may feel the wrath of rain and the pain of flooding, but flowers and gardens are reminders of the beauty that comes afterward.  Happy endings after all. xo
pretty hibiscus

Raining on Sunday

...pray that it's raining on Sunday, storming like crazy
we'll hide under the covers all afternoon
baby, whatever comes Monday can take care of itself
'cuz we've got better things to do
when it's raining on Sunday...

Keith Urban