Wednesday, July 21, 2010

for my sugar babe

happy double nickel

birthday to you! Your sense of humor keeps you young at heart and us giggling at your funny antics.  There is never a dull moment when you're around, my Shuka.  We have known each other a long time and made tons of memories together.  The best extension of our essence is through our sons, Mike, Dan and Steve.  Each of them carries the best of you, making the world a better place. I hope you enjoy your day and look forward to celebrating with Hall and Oates on Friday.  We have wanted to see them for so many years and will surely be entertained. 
Dues for dinner brings me back to the many years of Friday night visits.  I hope we get our favorite table.  Remember when we would envision our future home and draw designs on their napkins?  We were so young and filled with dreams.  We made them all come true, you know...

Our souls are connected through music and we have a collection of our memories with songs.  You have an uncanny knack for knowing precisely what year a song came out and attach something in our past to them.  You have accomplished so many things and our future holds more to enjoy.  I look forward to sharing each and every moment with you.  My wish for this passage birthday is for you to continue looking for and finding the silver lining in every cloud.  Keep holding joy in the simple pleasures and count the blessings as they are bestowed on you.  Keep liking big butts and nesting with your pups.  I'll be right here ready to hold your hand and walk the trail of aging with you gracefully.  Just for today, your day, smile, reflect, dream, have fun and be happy. 
a toast to the most!

Stephen Stills

You can do what you want to do
You can be who you want to be
Just remember that me and you
Ain't all there is
to bein' free

People need love
People need trust
People need one another
And that means us
My sugar babe
Believe me sugar babe

Everyone knows it ain't easy
But when you get it all together in your heart
It's the easiest thing to do to be pleasin'
Folks ain't made to live apart

Let yourself be open honey learn to bend
Remember everyone gets scared,
But I'm still your best friend
When you forget about yourself,
And think of things to do
To make me happy then you love me boy
Like I love you
How do turtles talk to one another
They just look, there's no reason to cower
Just like people they're drawn to each other
They don't live in no ivory tower

So close, then again so far away
Where are the answers, I hear them everyday
Lovin' you from a distance never did make it anyway

Come on now sugar babe
You know you hear me sugar babe
You're my sugar babe
Believe me sugar babe. xo