Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RIP Tasha

We are rapidly approaching November and the sun is still shining brightly and our temperature hovers 70 degrees.  My garden still graces us with her beauty and I had to share these three little blooms that are growing in the ground.  I have three tomato plants growing from fallen seeds as well.  Simply delightful.
Margarita ~ Kristina ~ Melanie

I had a glorious weekend with my future daughter, Margarita, and her family.  Friday I indulged in a long overdue massage and facial after completing our project in the city. Yahoo! Saturday we spent the day at Priscilla of Boston, where she found her wedding gown, then we had lunch at the Norstrom Cafe and browsed through Oakbrook Mall.  It was fun spending time with so much female energy; thanks Anna, Kristina and Melanie. Afterwards Margarita and Mike spent the evening with us -  each browsing through websites on two computers - one viewing guitars; the other wedding gowns.  It was so cute.  Sunday we continued our shopping tour at House of Brides and David's, just to make certain she made the perfect choice.  We all knew once she tried on the one.  I enjoyed a delicious Lithuanian dish at their home in Naperville and browsed through old photographs of their country and Margarita's childhood. 

My mom and dad's dog, Tasha, passed away this week.  She was such a cute Australian shepherd, all black with tiny white markings, but very neurotic.  She disliked the kitchen floor and had to have throw rugs all over.  Tasha enjoyed being in the backyard and a few weeks ago I got a kick out of watching her roll around in the grass as I planted mums.  I wish I knew that was to be one of the last times I would see her.  My Dad and Bo are really missing her and the house is so quiet without her.  Mom let them have her for three years; now they are reunited.  Rest in peace, Tashie.  I will miss petting your head - I know you really liked that. xo