Saturday, October 23, 2010

not a baker

lemon cheese pie

I was not blessed with the baking gene.  I continue to dabble in new sweet endeavors but at first do not succeed, so I try again.  I made lime squares that turned out just right, but the lemon squares ended up as lemon mush, so I put my creative cap on and enhanced a new dish using pie shells and adding a cream cheese enhancement and made a pie.  Now it is edible.  I am not kidding.  Who else do you know that makes oatmeal raisin cookies and forgets the oats?  Yep.  That would be me.  Sigh. 

another pasta dish

I am good with the carb meals, probably because I like them so much.  Today I tossed together a spinach, red pepper, parmesan pasta dish with spicy cashews.  Steve's friends and Darcy are vegetarians so I dabble in meatless meals to provide something for everyone.  I played all my new tunes by Kings of Leon and Bryan Ferry while cooking today.  Music inspires me. Wayne and Dan are raving about my mush mosh soup as I write this.  I just put together beef broth, red pepper, onion, broccoli and cheese tortellini.  Nothing to it.
My Boo had to pose by our gorgeous burning bush.  It started out with five bushes 25 years ago and only one is left, but that's all we need.  I love this look on him - he wears it well.
Danny took the pups for a walk in the field.  I love when he does this, for they are free to roam in the vast open space without their leashes, as dogs should be able to do.  Mama Thumper always finds something to roll in; this time it was ca ca and she smelled awful afterwards.  Dan found this so hard to understand why she does this, but I explained most dogs, especially hounds, like to smell like sh**, and they do not like baths at all.  Go figure.
I must share some of the classics from the Sawyer home.  Today I clicked a pic of the old sewing machine.  It makes me want to relearn how to sew just to use this fine item.  Again, I did not inherit the sewing gene.  The last time I attempted to make something, I did it for Girl Scouts to obtain a badge.  I made this cute yellow dress with daisies all down the front.  I wore it to school for show and tell and lo and behold the zipper broke.  Yep, that's me. 
Inside is the sewing machine.
This is another classic piece that Wayne's dad, George, aka Bombhead, played all the time.  We still have the old albums he loved to listen to all the time; Inglebert Humperdink and Bing Crosby, over and over, every weekend.  This is one of the best memories I have of him.  Cherishable.
Everything still works.
Last but not least, I found this old fashioned shoe shining kit.  It tickles my fancy everytime I see it.  The attic and basement are filled with treasures of days gone by and I cherish the memories attached to them.  I have an old fashioned washboard and mop roller bucket that I'll click next time.  Wait until you see the original man cave.  Some things we will sell and some we will pass onto our kids to keep the spirit alive as long as possible.  That's what life is all about. 
Enjoy the last days of October.  The full moon offers us the opportunity to affirm goodness in our lives.  Breathe in and exhale all the negativity you want released from your life.  The universe will take care of it.  Bless all to their higher good.  The love you take is equal to the love you make.  Thank God for this lovely season and lovingly put away the summer items and the memories attached to them, knowing they will return to offer us more joy.  Now we must get ready to nest and rest for awhile.  God gave us colder days and nights so we have an excuse to snuggle with the ones we love (and enjoy our fireplaces.)  Now we have time to rest from all the labors of gardening, but know in our hearts the seasons change, and once again we will embrace the warm weather. 
Boo's bonfire last night


Autumn, the wind blows colder than summer
Autumn, my love's gone with another
I can't demand anything of myself now
I'll stay here in New England
For autumn

Buldings look tall and gray
Birds flying, haven't much to say
They all know that it's coming again
So I guess they'll stay here in New England
For autumn, autumn

Did you ever lose something
That you thought you knew?
Did you ever lose someone
That was close to you?
Well I lost my lover
And my summer, too

To autumn, the wind blows
Colder than summer
Autumn, my love's gone with another
I can't demand anything of myself now
So I guess I'll stay here in New England
For autumn, autumn, autumn

Edgar Winter

ps - isn't the word autumn weird?  keep typing it and you shall see xo