Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more feng shui D - H

Deer - Display a figure of a deer in the proper direction.  Place it in W or NW areas if it is metal, in E or SE locations if it is carved from wood, and in the NE or SW if it is crafted from an earth material, such as clay, porcelain or terra cotta.  The deer represents long life, speed, prosperity, endurance and wealth.

Desks - Examine the view that you have while sitting at your desk.  You should not directly face a "killing" arrow, such as a head-on road, the curve of a highway, a lamppost, a fire hydrant, the space between two buildings, a steeple, a rooftop, a tree trunk, power lines and transformers, the edges of signs and billboards or the corner of a building.  Use a desk that has the dimensions of 35" xo 60" xo 33" (89 x 152 x 84 cm.)  Use a wooden or glass desk in the East and a metal or stone desk in the West.  Try to have more space in front of your desk than behind it.  You need the support of a wall behind you and space in front of you to allow good chi to beat a clear path to you and your business.  Don't position your desk directly in line with the door or under a beam.  If you do, you will be receiving negative sha energy or will be located under oppressive sha, which causes illness, accidents and misfortune.  Buy a new desk or use one whose previous owner prospered.  Don't put bizarre or strange objects on your desk, as these attract negative energy.  Place any of the following on your desk to attract good luck and prosperity: a wish-fulfilling cow, deer, dragon, tortoise, unicorn, money tree, prosperity plant, table-top fountain, crystal paperweight or candy jar.

Dogs - Put a figure of a dog in the direction that matches the element from which the figure is made.  Put a metal dog in a West or NW area, a wooden dog in the East or SE, and a dog made of an earth material in the NE or SW.  The dog symbolizes faithfulness and is valued as both a protector and a scavenger. Place statues of dogs at your door for protection and to guard your prosperity.  Do adopt a stray dog if one comes to your home.  A dog that comes on its own is a very lucky omen that sustenance, fortune or wealth will arrive on your doorstep.

Doors - Make sure you have a clear view from the front entrance of your home, in order to facilitate a clear view of the world.  Use a small round or octagonal mirror or a shiny, flat metal doorknocker to deflect "poison" arrows, such as tree trunks, lampposts, fire hydrants, corners of neighboring buildings, church steeples or other objects projecting sha energy toward your home or obstructing your view.  Don't use an all-glass front door; choose a solid door instead.  A small, beveled window on the door is acceptable.  Too much glass does not offer protection for the home and allows prosperity to leak out.

Dragons - Place a dragon in the East area of a living room, family room, library, office or study or on the East corner of a desk.  The dragon is the traditional Chinese symbol of growth, protection, vitality, spring, prosperity, health and new beginnings. Don't put a dragon, an animal with a lot of yang energy, in your bedroom, which should always be restful, peaceful and serene.  Don't face your dragon toward the North, as this is considered unlucky.  Do use dragons as decorations if you were born in the Year of the Dragon.  Choose dragons or pictures of dragons that resemble the qualities of water: slick, shiny, translucent and the color of the sea.  This is more helpful that a dragon made of wood, china or porcelain, though all materials are acceptable.  Have your dragon face a source of clean water, such as a lake, river, beach, ocean, waterfall or fountain.  Use arrangements of just one dragon which represents power, two dragons symbolizing unity, or a group of nine dragons promoting longevity.  Choose a turquoise dragon.  Red is the second best and gold is third.  Place your dragon at eyelevel so you can see it easily.  It will then provide you with strength and vitality.  Don't put your dragon in, facing, or near the bathroom or laundry room.  These rooms represent dirty water.  Combine your dragon with a phoenix.  This represents a happy, harmonious pairing of partners and is a popular traditional wedding symbol in China.  Don't buy or use a carpet that has dragon designs on it.  Dragons must be able to fly free and are unable to do so if they are being stepped on.

Family Room - Balance quiet activities, such as board games, card games, reading and puzzles, with active pursuits, including table tennis, television billiards and video games, in a family room.  Use muted but warm colors, such as yellow or green, the color of harmony, in a family room to foster creativity, teamwork and relationships.  Use round tables to represent family harmony and equality.
pearly gates

Gates - Use an iron gate with an open design in the South area to allow beneficial energy to move freely.  Triangles and pyramid designs are great, but do not select designs that have spikes or points at the top of the gate as they will create sha energy.  Use a gate in the SW only if it is about as high as your waist or chest.  Choose one with a design of squares to match the earth element.  Use full-height metal gates in the West to slow down and obstruct the extreme yang energy of the afternoon sun.  Use circular, semi-circular and arch designs in this direction. Use arches, semi-circles and circles in blue or black metal for your NW gate.  Use a square gate in the NE, since this shape represents the earth.  Take your inspiration from water and the sea as you select your North gate; one embellished with waves and curves is ideal.  Use rectangles, cylinders, columns and poles in the design of your gate in the East, where the element that reigns is wood.

Gifts -  Give a Chinese unicorn, or chi ling, as a present to bestow good wishes upon someon.  This unicorn, which bears almost no resemblance to its European counterpart, is the symbol of goodness, long life, peace, harmony, protection, many children and an unending family line.  Give bird feathers as a thoughtful gift to your family and friends, as they represent protection.  Give a lion as a gift for a new home to provide protection to the family.  Don't give a bell, a clock, or anything with a clock's face as a gift.  These are akin to gifts of scissors, knives or swords and symbolize the severing of a relationship or a life.  Do attach a penny to each blade if you give a gift of a pair of scissors or a set of knives or swords.  This neutralizes the severence effect.  The pennies must be returned to the giver.  Give a gift of a jade dove or pigeon, a symbol of long life, to bestow best wishes for health and longevity.  Give potted tangerine or orange plants laden with fruit to new business owners, or to friends and family during the Chinese New Year.  These gifts symbolize prosperity, wealth and abundance in the months to come.  Give lucky red money envelopes generously and freely as gifts; they are traditional and appropriate for happy events, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings, engagements, graduations, new businesses, births and visiting family members after an absence.  It is customary to put paper currency or a check inside.  Make a homemade jade plant by threading and twisting gold wire into semiprecious stone leaves on an artificial, potted bonsai tree.  Give the plant as a gift to express wishes for prosperity and abundance.  Make a homemade money tree by hanging fan-folded, new currency with red thread on a silk tree.  Don't give a regular bonsai plant as a gift, since it symbolizes limited growth and is therefore unlucky.  Give a sack of rice as a housewarming gift to bestow blessings of abundance.  Rice represents survival, prosperity, sustenance and fertility. Donate books that you no longer use to schools, churches, hospitals, halfway homes, libraries, prisons or other institutions.
Horses - Use a group of eight horses, which represents the fabled eight horses that a Chinese emporer used to win a war.  Don't use groupings of five horses, as five is a very powerful yin number.  Do place your horse so that it faces South, the most yang direction.  Don't place a horse from a tomb in your home, especially in the wealth, health or marriage areas.  These are funeral pieces that connote death and are therefore considered unlucky.   Choose a stately horse that is standing or posing calmly with its head level or lifted.  Select a galloping horse that symbolizes vigor and strength.  Don't use a horse that is bucking or rearing up as if in fear, especially in your bedroom. 

Be open.  Don't close off the possibility of a new truth because you have been comfortable with an old one.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Donald Neale Walsch

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