Friday, July 15, 2011


I spent the past three days pulling all sorts of weeds from the gardens.  The weather was perfect for this tedious task and I enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sun and the whisper of the wind while I diligently cleared the grounds of these pesky plants.  I must admit some weeds are quite pretty but they smother the good stuff, so off with their heads! (and roots)  Between my Dad's place and my own, I filled five yard bags.  My hamstrings and fingers are screaming but soaking in a hot bath is a sure cure for that (and Bayer aspirin.)  Deed is done; now I can feel the good feng shui energies once again, and continue perusing Martin's Fire and Ice series.  I am almost finished with book 3, savoring every word.  Thanks, Wayne-O, for ordering Dance of Dragons for me. :)
Last night Wayne-O and Danny spent the night with the boys jammin' at Danny Gibbons' place.  The old Snapps band got together with some other friends and worked their synergy.  Now the son gets to see that even when you get old, playing music never does. 
Here is another photo share of our little prince ~ with his eyes open.  Grandpa Poppie held him outside for a bit and he is so amazing.  He never fusses, sleeps through the night, and gained 9 ounces in one week, so now he is up to 9 lbs. 3 ozMother's milk will do that.  His fingers and toes are long and he is beginning to focus on his surroundings when he is not napping.  We've already enjoyed his presence for a little over two weeks and look forward to every moment with him. 

Happy birthday to the many, many celebrators this month! xo