Saturday, July 23, 2011

congratulations mikey!

You did it!  While paving your career you managed to achieve a huge goal in obtaining your Criminal Justice Degree.  The final stretch was brutal, but your persistence paid off.  Margarita already bought the frame for your diploma to grace your wall of accomplishments.  As your parents, we are extremely proud of the strides you are making in your journey.  You have a beautiful mate who loves you unconditionally, a warm home to come home to, and a gorgeous son to share your love.  And Ozis.  He is such a cute little doggie and adores you to no end. 
Life is good, my son.  Keep following your heart and sharpen your instincts and feel the love we have for you and your new family.  Your brothers look up to you and will always remember you have their back.  There is nothing more precious than the bond of brothers.  Take time to relax a little now.  Bask in the joy your little prince will bring.  Cuddle with the one you love and be happy.  Tomorrow we will celebrate.
You are wonderful. xo