Thursday, July 28, 2011

one month

There is nothing as peaceful as a babe in slumber.  It is so easy to just watch him dreaming and smiling at the angels. Dillan likes being outdoors and watching the leaves flow on the trees and listening to the birdies tweet.
Little Prince is trying to decide if he wants to wake up or keep dreaming.  He is only one month old and has no clue all the drama that transpired outside his sheltered little world.  July was not an easy month ~ just another roadblock on the happiness trail.  His brilliant energy balanced all the rough stuff.  :)
Dillan sleeps through the night, is growing at a healthy pace, cries for a bit when his diaper is wet or the bottle is not warm enough and lets us know how to appease him.  He gives eye contact and studies his surroundings and likes contrasting colors the most.  We take stroller rides through the neighborhood in the early evening and visit with friends.  There are not many babes around these parts anymore, so he is a treasure to the baby boomer empty nesters. 
Ok  ~ he is awake now and ready to rock our world.  He loves his pacifier and makes the cutest sounds when he roots.  He is definitely letting us know his attitude and we adore him.  Dillan has his mom's eyes and long fingers and most physical traits are like his daddy.  He likes to wrap his fingers around one of ours and still finds comfort in being swaddled; such a good natured little guy.
Throughout the days and times of your life you continue to choose and to create people, events, and circumstances designed to bring you the exact, right, and perfect opportunities you now desire in order to know yourself as you truly are.   neale donald walsch

don't happy xo