Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bliss~filled moments

mother and son
Senelis Jon and Mochuite Ana

cousins Melania ~ Dillan ~ Erikus
grandpa ~ daddy ~ little cutie

Our grandson is surrounded with love and affections.  Today we celebrate his first full week with us.  He is such a happy baby and a joy to see.  His appetite pleases Mama and he only lost two ounces since birth. She is a natural when it comes to mothering.  I am in awe of her ~ and my son.  Dillan sleeps peacefully and even let his parents get in six hours the other night.  He is very healthy and strong and likes to wrap his hand around your finger.  Our little rainbow continues to shine his light of love with his new family.  Even Ozis loves him!
True bliss. xo