Sunday, March 20, 2011

ode to spring

Happy Spring!

spring: rise up or issue forth suddenly; cause to leap or rise; the beginning or freshest time of anything ~ happy days indeed!  To celebrate, I share a poem by Donna Bamford with some of my springtime favorites.
Ode to Spring

The snowdrops came first,
then the crocuses
and daffodils
and finally the cascade
of harlequin tulips
and the light brighter
and so welcome after the pall of winter,
the April light shy and weak,
but May, everything one could have wished for
the ducks in the pond, sanguine
he so solicitous of her
following her around then on the lawn
we named them Horatio and Emma
after Nelson
my father's hero
such a beautiful garden this year
it did the heart so much good
and the sparrows playing
such a gentle bird
and the cardinals and the robins
It has a soul, the garden,
its own soul,
and the soul was happy. xo