Sunday, March 6, 2011

couple cases of corona


My heroes!  These bulldogs took the bull by the horn as they loaded and stored the plethora of items from our house in the city.  Some of the furniture was unbelievably heavy but the guys are like Hercules and handled it with ease.  It didn't hurt that Mike brought a couple cases of Corona to motivate them, either.  They probably ascended and descended all 50 stairs at least 100 times throughout the day with the treasures to be stored from the attic to the basement and onto the truck.  No one ever complained how difficult or tedious the task was.  Who needs a stairmaster?  Not only did they spend the day with us, but afterward Jason went on to work all night, and I suspect the others continued their own missions as well.  Thanks so much, guys.  Love you all.
cousins (brothers of the heart) Ed (Bonyok) and Wayne-o

These guys are like brothers and spent their childhood running (literally) through the house and attending the numerous gatherings with their families.  They browsed through each room remembering the times they played and bonded, then more recently, painted and repaired the place and I could see the twinkle in their eyes reminding them of days gone by.  Afterwards they looked at each other and said "It's time," and chuckled at the notion of ending a long, long sojourn.  They held on to pieces of the old days with simple souvenirs of their ancestors, like the old cane their Grandpa used, or the old hat Uncle Steve wore when dabbling in house repairs.  Old being the operative word here. 
brothers of the heart~anthony and mikey

These guys are like miniatures of the aforementioned dudes.  They, too, had their share of repairing ceilings and painting and sanding walls at this abode.  Notice the reinforcement Mike is holding!   It doesn't take much to motivate them and they got down and dirty without a hitch.  Anthony and Mike work well together and there is nothing they can't handle.  It's a good feeling to know the next generation has the gumption to get 'er done, regardless of the challenge.  Their strength and tenacity makes us proud.
 the mighty truck

So long, Sawyer!  Once the loaded-to-the-hilt trailer truck was packed, it didn't take long to unload and store.  We celebrated the accomplished mission by dining at Home Run Inn for delicious pizza and chicken strips.  This was the hardest day ever and I must mention there was a moment when it could have been my last.  After I dropped Jason off so he could go to work, there was a long train on 63rd.  I waited patiently, even though every inch of me screamed home, home, home and just as I was heading on Harlem to get on I-55, I noticed an SUV with its hind on top of a grid rail, facing the other direction.  It staggered my mind how it got there and a few feet ahead of me were two cars stalled.  All of a sudden the car in front of me slid and jammed into a stone rail but kept driving away and then my Jeep started sliding and just as it was about to ram into or even over the guardrail into a huge drop, it stopped, as if my angels caught it.  I waited to see if another car would hit me from behind, but it did not, so I continued driving away from the black ice and got home safely.  My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and I heard the news mention enormous amounts of accidents and roads being closed because of the black ice.  I was saved last night, no doubt.  It was too close for comfort and today I will thank my Lord for His blessings. 

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part in this huge endeavor:  Wayne-O, Bonyok, Bobbie, Asad, Anthony, Jason, Billy, Danny, Mikey and most of all Jesus. 
You are the best! xo