Friday, March 11, 2011

it's a naked room!

Now that the "other house" is completely ready to go, I begin my renovating projects at our beloved sanctuary.  Just like Terry Bradshaw in the movie Failure to Launch, we joke about having our own space to do whatever we like; however, unlike him, our house is still full. This is as close as I can get to having a naked room;  not so I can run around naked, but all the heavy clutter is removed.  I can feel the burst of good feng shui energy flowing all over.  I like having an echo in the house without all the "stuff."
Mikey begins the huge task of repairing walls, priming and painting this much needed restoration.  He is a perfectionist and did a beautiful job on his own place, so I know it will be gorgeous when he is finished.  I have some great ideas about window treatments from a consultant which will be the icing on the cake.  Today I will browse for some pretty light fixtures and meet with a contractor to refinish the hardwood floors and plan the bathroom renovations.  Instead of painting the outside of the house, we decided to have it all aluminum sided to give it a fresh, clean look with long-term low maintenance.  We are not spring chickens and the less we have to do, the better. 
This is Robert, my massage therapist.  Thanks to him I am able to accomplish all these mighty tasks.  His healing hands brought back some much needed circulation after the horrendous ordeal at the other place.   It's funny how life's circles continually surround me.  Robert heals at the very same place I began my journey at The Goddess Touch when I had my wellness spa.  It is now called Celestine and owners Jen and Debbie have the joys of managing the place.  I still frequent my old stomping grounds for their services and feel right at home when I do so. 

Our spring is just around the corner and the sun inspires me to get out and about.  We just began the season of Lent, time of renewal.  Perfect. xo