Tuesday, February 15, 2011

thank you...

to all my friends and family who helped me celebrate another year in this beautiful life.  Even Mother Nature pitched in with an absolutely glorious day ~ she really let the sun shine in ~ a rarity this time of year.  I lived the day as if it were my last; embraced all the moments that took my breath away and took in every detail of the day.  My heart is filled with all the love shared.

My buddy took off work so we could spend time together so we enjoyed breakfast at the new joint ~ Honey Jam.  Perfect.  We ran a few errands and went to see The King's Speech.  Wow!  It was better than I expected.  Most of the day was spent with the kids.  Another rarity is having them at home all at the same time, but they did so we could sing and sample the tiramisu I prepared.  It is a winner and my all time favorite dessert to make. I did indulge in this one and my palate was pleased.  I never thought it would be so easy to create ~ it seemed too fancy to make at home.  Not at all. 
It was nice to connect with my facebook friends and family.  This heart is so full with my love I think it just might burst and spread throughout the universe.  Thank you so much. xo

The most memorable comment was made by my cousin Deena's daughter, who seems to be wise for her tender years.  Carolyn wrote "happy valentine's day to anyone without a valentine...I'll be everyone's valentine today" and she continued with another note "to carolyn...love, carolyn."  This really tugged my heart for she gets it ~ love yourself and everyone ~ we are never alone. 

I hope you made some delightful memories.  Let the sun shine and keep the faith.  I must share one of my all time favorite songs by Brooks and Dunn.  I hold the lyrics close to my heart with loads of wonderful memories.

I know you know
Just how it goes when it goes
And how it feels
To be lost and left alone on your own
And what it's like
To give all you got and have to stand and watch it
As it walks away
So everyone deserves a chance to live and learn
From mistakes
That we make and hearts that break and bridges burn
Starting now
From this moment on nothing's gonna go wrong
Love is here to stay

You'll never be without
You'll always have enough
When you're in my arms
You'll never go unloved
As long as there is time
And for all of it to come
No matter where you go
I want you to know
You'll never be unloved

So in this life we lead
Some things are guaranteed
You can
Count on the fact that hearts won't act responsibly
Now and then
Comes a love that's heaven sent and meant to be
So baby look at me

You'll never be unloved  xo