Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february blizzard

Today we are reeling from the effects of an historical blizzard that hit over 20 states, including our humble abode.  As of this moment, it is the third largest blizzard in our history, and the snow is still coming down.  What makes this so extreme is the gusty 50 mph winds that cause drifts.  I was quite worried last night as I awaited the call to get Wayne from the train station and luckily the roads allowed me to bring my hubby back home safely.  Mike and Margarita brought Ozis; Dan and Darcy were dancing in the snow last night; and Steve and our dogs kept checking the status and wondering why we were having a party.  It was heartwarming to have all my loves under one roof safe and sound together for a slumber party.  We enjoyed hot cocoa with whipped creme and sat by the fireside listening to the whistling wind.  Baby even chimed in by kicking all night long. 
Mike and Wayne played warriors this morning and tackled the drifts and made paths for now and they enjoyed every minute of it - boys will be boys.  Now they will enjoy a brewski and nice salad and a huge bowl of spaghetti to warm their bellies.  Everyone else is still asleep.  I made a little path so the pups can do their doo doo.  This whole event is quite exciting, for it makes us take pause and keeps us together.  We are making some great memories and they will remember it for years to come, just as we did during the famous Blizzard of 1967, which still holds the honor as the greatest storm in our lifetime.  I got a kick out of how the media kept referring this as the Blizzard of the Century when this century just turned 11 years old.  Giggles. 
Darcy and Steve were thrilled to get dressed up in warm layers and make a snowman, which turned into Miss Margaret, the snow woman.  The sun is shining and it brings back fond memories of when the boys were little and endlessly played in the snow.  They would get all dressed up, play outside, get undressed, come in for hot chocolate, then begin again - endless playtime.  The doggies keep going in and out to join their party.  I am taking tons of pictures but the photo blogger is not working right now so I'll table my photo share. 

Enjoy this extraordinary day.  When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  When it snows, make a snowman! xo