Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy valentine's day

I was dancing ~ pure light
formless consciousness
when you called me ~
by the power of your intention ~
with the song of your desire,
in the intensity of your passion ~
you called me
and tentacles of your sending shot through timeless space ~
found me
and I sent back a joyful "yes!"
And the universe changed ~
a new frequency began to hum
And I was there ~
in those most tender moments
and most ecstatic
and you knew in that way you have of knowing
and I whispered my name to you...
and you smiled...
Fear is the only thing standing between you and your experience of love. 

Prayer for Embracing Love

Dear God,

Please show me how to love.
Teach me how to extend my light into the life of another.
Remove the barriers to my soul, the walls which stand in front of my heart,
My commitment to aloneness,
My resistances to joining.
I do not seek love, dear God, for I know it is all around me.
I seek instead the healing of my resistances to it, the strengthening of my spirit;
That I might learn to love, to love well, to love fully, to love deeply.
When my true love calls, dear Lord,
Please keep my ears open.
Let me not shut down.
Let me not forsake him.
Let me always remember that his call to love him is my call to love You.
Thank you very much.  Amen.

Let love fill your soul, share it by extending hugs, kind words and smiles. xo