Friday, February 25, 2011

mini makeover

Every few years I get a bee in my bonnet to improve our humble abode.  Now that the days are fast approaching where we no longer carry the burden of another house, I find myself inspired to improve our own place.  Unlike most of our friends, we have not experienced the empty nest syndrome and probably will not for a long while, so we may as well pretty up the place to our liking.  After observing the traffic in our home, I find the most used rooms are the baths, so that is where I will put my energies.  The entrance living room and hallway could use a nice painting to freshen things up; the current salmon color is looking a little drab these days.  Mike is an excellent painter so I plan to offer him that challenge. 
These are some ideas I gathered for what used to be known as the boys bathroom, however, Darcy seems to hang out there more than anyone, so we may as well tweak it up with some fun stuff.  I am determined to decorate with those adorable vessel bowls that are quite popular now.
This is a little masculine, yet I think Darcy will like it. 
A new shower, fresh tiles and new toilet seat are first on the list.  I am fed up with the current crapper that is too low and wobbly.  The floor tile is still beautiful and very secure and the mirror and light fixtures enhance the stained glass window, but the old school sink and cabinet will be history. 
These are just some ideas that inspired me.  The lower bath is quite small but the upper bath is huge and is still considered my happy place.  We will probably replace the tiles, sink and mirror up there and spruce it up just a notch.  I really like this amethyst stone bowl.
Having lived in this home since 1984, we already invested in all the infrastructure replacements so now we can focus on fine tuning with pretty little things.  I might add beads to the window treatments as enhancements but everything else is the way we like it.  Someday we will have to refinish all the wood floors, but not anytime soon.  We all enjoy coming home to our mini mansion as we fondly refer to it and just like the three bears, this is just right for us ~  not too big, not too little. 
Next Steve can redesign the back garden a little more, perhaps adding more stones and making room for home grown vegetables just like we had a long time ago.  These are fun projects, not overwhelming extreme makeovers as in the past, or the huge endeavor with the other property.  One home is enough for us, especially since it is filled with much love and joy.  Plus, without the extra burden, we can travel more often and visit God's countries. 
Now that's a big bathroom! 
Renew and Redo xo