Wednesday, January 12, 2011

good tidings

We have entered into a magical period from January 1 through 25 as all the planets are direct.  This almost never happens and is a highly unusual situation.  Some months we don't get one day like this, now we get more than three weeks.  A retrograde planet is weak and withholds its best energies, so having all planets direct provides extremely positive energies throughout the universe.

On January 4 we celebrated a solar eclipse.  This is a positive new moon and super powerful.  Solar eclipses are exciting for they open new doors and illuminate truths we need to see to protect ourselves.   All the planets are cooperating and offer strong cosmic support.  We will experience the benefits of a happy full moon on January 19.

Take this opportunity to meditate on how to benefit from the gifts bestowed.  Negativity is not fed if you do not participate in it.  Think of any negative condition as the equivalent of a match.  It has the potential for a great deal of damage if it is ignited, but can do no harm if you don't strike it. 

Man's work is with himself, to send out goodwill and blessings to every man, and the marvelous thing is, that if one blesses a man he has no power to harm him.  Florence Scovel Shinn

...the Universe is just a big xerox machine.  It simply produces multiple copies of your thoughts.  Now there's only one way to change all that.  You have to change your thought about it.  Neale Donald Walsch

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.  Marcus Antoninus

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.  Helen Keller

Namaste  xo