Thursday, January 13, 2011

*.* Baby Mine *.*

Our lives are filled with hope and anticipation of the blessed day that will bring miraculous joy to our lives.  Sometimes reality supercedes taking time out to reflect on how breathtaking this journey is.  Today I am making time to praise God for his blessings on our family with His creation.  Baby will begin kicking soon and in a matter of months we will hold our little wind. 
The big debate is what gender this bundle of joy will be.  I really don't have a preference as long as it's healthy.  I fervently feel this way, just as I did when pregnant with my children.  Conception is such a remarkable miracle and a healthy birth is crucial, that whatever sex this miracle of life is seems inconsequential to me personally.  We all have fun guessing anyway and some parents have a preference.  As a grandma-to-be, I can only say I am familiar with raising boys, yet would welcome a girl just to see how different they are.  No matter what it is, baby is a part of a stream of family members, both living and deceased, and I look forward to seeing whose characteristics it retains.  It also must be noted that boys are dominant in the Wind family, so the genes are much stronger for a male. I had two premonitions as to what it shall be so I am curious to see if they are true.  It will be what God wants it to be.
Since baby will born under the sign of Gemini or Cancer, most likely it will be like Mike or Wayne, both of whom are remarkable people who have made a beautiful difference in the world.  My Dad is also a Gemini and my Aunt is a Cancer; enough said.  Beautiful beginnings. 
I am taking inventory of all the baby things I accrued from my boys that can be utilized for the wee one.  I have had my eye on this darling blanket at a shop in Hinsdale for a couple of years and always said if we become grandparents, that is the first thing I will buy for baby.  I am already planning a baby shower for the happy couple and discover this to be more fun than anticipated.  A few of my friends are offering suggestions and resources from recent showers they attended which makes it easier to plan. 
Whether we welcome baby Dillan, which is Welsh for like a lion; son of the sea, or  Melanie, which is Greek for black; dark-skinned, this child will be dosed with enough love to conquer its world.  I already chose a nickname for Melanie ~ La La (means I love you.)

Little Wind, we anxiously await your arrival with open arms and to embrace you with our love. 

Thank you, Lord, for these amazing blessings.  Thy will be done. 

to life! xo