Monday, September 28, 2009


Rei - higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe (God, Goddess, Universal Mind, Christ Consciousness; Ki - non-physical energy that flows in all living things: humans, animals, plants (prana, chi, odic forces, orgone energy, bioplasma, life force, VITAL energy is what metaphysicians call it. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.
The picture was taken at a center on rodeo drive in California five years ago and it gives a depiction of how important symbols and colors are to healing. We get reiki from attunements. I became a practitioner after an intensive seminar nine years ago. We are alive because of KI. It flows through all of us giving us life and responds to thoughts and feelings, hence, negativity affect our physical body and gathers strength because it hides in our unconscious mind creating blockages in our energy flow, or chi. Reiki is not a religion but compliments most religious philosophy as most have a Laying-on-of-Hands healing in their belief system. What can be healed? Everything. Each day I will describe one of the seven chakras, which means wheel or vortex and is the center of spinning energy. We receive and transmit social, sexual and spiritual energy through chakras. The first three are below the chest, the lower chakras. The heart chakra and the top three are the higher chakras. When our spirits enter our bodies, usually when the body is still in the womb, all our chakras are open and we are completely in tune with All That Is. Then life happens and so many influences affect the balance of our energy flow however reiki helps clear and balance same. I have been clearing my chakras each night for 30 nights to restore balance. I also practice reiki, which at times my energy becomes depleted. In Hindu philosophy the goal of human life is to open all the chakras, also known as the rising of the kundalini. The goal of yoga is to awaken the kundalini to rise up the spine, awakening each chakra until she reaches the crown. When you inhale, energy moves up and when you exhale, energy moves down. Through deep concentration on the breath and developing the will power, yoga teaches students to bring the breath to the central channel causing a rush of energy and a brilliant experience of cosmic consciousness often described as seeing the Pure White Light and having a sense of total identity with All That Is, or Enlightenment. I humbly thank you for allowing me to share this knowledge. Blessings xo