Saturday, September 26, 2009

mercury retrograde

wake me up when September ends - for at that time our dear planet mercury, which rules communication, transportation, legal contracts, technology and tempers, will finally go direct and the energies will resume a less chaotic focus. Have you noticed an increase in auto accidents, people driving crazier, tempers flaring quicker, impatience and rudeness while shopping, appliances break? When mercury slows down for 3 weeks every few months, the universe goes a little haywire. We also had Saturn and Uranus in a confrontation the middle of this month. This is the month to wait, not initiate. No big purchases for appliances, cars, homes, big gifts for we will be unsatisfied with same if purchased now. Legal contracts will fall through and people will fight more easily. There is always a positive to this occurrence and that is if we connect with people from our past, it will most likely be pleasant and memorable. Nature does its thing for a reason and perhaps we just need to be like the grasshopper and learn to slow down and reflect for a bit. In a few more days all will be well in the world and we can once again hurry up and wait. Meantime, tell those you love that you do. xo