Tuesday, September 29, 2009

first chakra (root, base, kundalini center)

The first chakra concerns your connection to the earth, your birthplace, culture, foundations and influenced by early relationships. It is the center of physical energy and vitality. It is grounded in material reality, business and possessions. The color associated is red and antidote, blue. The dazzling red will intensify whatever you feel. It warms and speeds the molecule and is the color of passion. It is used sparingly in flowers and only for emphasis in sunsets. It is used to arouse attention and interest. Passion has its place as it is a source of power and self-confidence. But red can be frightening when overused such as anger and violence. A balanced energy in the first chakra has characteristics such as being centered, grounded, healthy, fully alive, unlimited physical energy, can manifest abundance, affectionate and able to trust others. Excessive energy is egotistic, domineering, greedy, addicted to wealth, nervous sexual energy and may be sadistic. Deficient energy shows lack of confidence, weak, can't achieve goals, self-destructive, suicidal, feels unlovable and possibly masochistic. Glands and organs influenced by this chakra are blood, spine, nervous system, bladder, male reproductive organs, testes and vagina. Some illinesses to be treated with red are depression, fearful, debilitated, spaced out, low blood pressure, bladder infections, sluggish digestion, flaky skin, shock, anemia, poor circulation, impotence, frigidity, infertility, menopause.
The tone is e as in red and the note is c. The element is earth and sense is smell. Statement used is "I want stuff." Stones used to heal and arouse, invigorate energy, influencing the kundalini energy are red garnet, used to recall past life experiences if placed over the third eye, improves fertility and is good for low back pains and premenstrual cramps. Black obsidian, which is a wonderful stone for grounding and keeps you connected with your body. It cleanses toxins from the liver, so it is good for people exposed to environmental pollutants and anger. Smoky quartz has a positive force, a strong electrical charge which gives it the ability to disperse dark energies. It brings the white energy of the crown down to the base chakra, helping us to accept and feel good about every aspect of ourselves. Since pain is often caused by negative emotions such as resentment and anger, you can disperse pain if you place smoky quartz over the painful area and allow yourself to get in touch with the source of the pain. This stone helps pull the negativity down through your legs and feet and directs that energy toward the earth, which disperses it. If the body is too spaced out and needs energy, it can bring it up through the feet into the body for revitalization. Be careful when wearing smoky quartz as it can pull your energy down. To meditate on this chakra, simple lie still and focus on the color red, clear your mind and meditate on having all unwanted energies associated with this area released through you feet as if they were tree trunks connected to God's earth. Believe you are beautiful physically and have all the prosperity you need. xo