Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"where nana?"

As Dillan turns 21 months we are amazed at how he is mastering his language skills.  We saw it coming, but now that he clearly understands the world around him, it gets more exciting than ever.  He lets us know what he wants and does not want, which makes things easier around here.  He refers to bunnies as Doo Bee Doo because of a cute little song we found.  Even the box of Trix cereal is doo bee doo.  LOL.  He eats by himself and often likes to feed me, too.  We discovered this adorable site called Shawn the Train that is great at teaching all sorts of things such as colors, shapes, sounds and Baby Einstein is wonderful for teaching music and numbers.  Anything with music is a winner.  When Papi comes home from work they always look out for the moonie. 
Busy busy busy.  We play all day during our Dillan Days and he can build high towers of blocks with ease.  He mimics every sound he can especially cars, airplanes, firetrucks, birds, doggies and we have a little game going with snakes and lions.  He loves to get me to react to all sorts of stuff, and it works.  He shoots out belly laughs when he does.  Peek a boo is still the favorite.  He is beginning to draw and make googles all over paper and is ever so gentle with the Ponti and Thumper.  He pulls out the broom and has me sweep the floor with him.  When I pull out the windex, he is thrilled to perform the task of cleaning windows.  His all time favorite is watching himself in the videos I make of him.  Next week I will pull out videos of his daddy when he was a wee one. 
We are waiting for warm weather so we can resume our daily walks.  Meantime, he listens for the airplanes and birds and geese and mimics their sounds constantly. The cutest story is recently one Saturday morning he woke up and went up to his daddy saying Nana, so Mike asked if he wants a banana and he shook his head no, grabbed his coat and went to the door.  Mama asked him in Lithuanian if he wants to go by Nana and he said yes.  My heart was beaming for a week!  Now he asks where's Papi, Daddy, Mama.  He says Uncle T at cool (school) and calls a cookie ~ keekoo. 
Soon he will have his first haircut and we will miss the little curly Q.  He still plays with puzzles but his latest joy is playing with the plethora of cars and trains.  Mike taught him all the sounds and he makes them as he plays.  There are so many little moments when toddlers come into their own and the best part is being able to understand.  I like when they make their own version of words and am amazed at how quickly they catch on as if they are little parrots.  He waits for his Papi to come home during lunchtime and enjoys every second showing off what he learned.  Like clockwork, he settles down for his nap at 1.  We spend lots of time just looking out the window, snuggling and watching the snow fall, the geese gather in our garden and just telling him stories of when his daddy was little and how his uncles played and all the stuff they did growing up.  Soon we will visit the parks and discover so much more together.  I give him smooches all day for he is filled with lots of love and laughter. 
Our little choo choo, yai ya
doo bee doo bee doo, you are my sunshine xo