Saturday, February 16, 2013

don't let others get the best of you

Some people will do things, just to get a rise out of you, to trip you up and bring you down ~ because they are threatened by your power or they want to have power over you.  Light often attracts attack ~ but light also deflects it if one chooses to have a strong boundary.
It is quite selfish to disturb someone else's peace and then blame them for being too sensitive.
Some egos might never grow or align with higher self, but that is their problem.  Don't let others get the best of you ~ let it bounce back into them by maintaining stability and neutrality, because they desperately need the wake up call.
Don't feed them or give them the satisfaction of hurting you.  To end its ruler-ship don't allow it in and don't allow it to make you a victim and don't become it.
In the face of it, let it empower your Spirit, because in that moment you are reminded of the goodness you are made of.  No need to sink into despair or the pain because you have to deal with those who don't hold Love and Harmony as Sacred...
If you hold it as Sacred, then you will enjoy the benefits and you will assist in reminding others of how beautiful life can be when you have respect for the most important qualities of life.
~ Maritza "Journey to Balance"
Amen. xo