Monday, December 31, 2012

to new beginnings and happy endings

Here I am all ready to give farewell to another year and welcome a chance to refresh.  Upon reflection,  this has been a yin/yang year as we have know extreme bliss and stress within the same time frame.  Something beautiful may occur to be followed by a lot of ugly.  This, however, is better than previous years, so I'll take it.  In order to prepare to rid our humble sanctuary of unwanted negativities I will lovingly purify each room with new mountain sage, holy water, sage citrus candle and special incense.  I will ring the bells throughout to clear vibrations.  Next I will open windows to release.  As we embrace the new year, I will smudge again and sprinkle holy water throughout, light our new candle and burn new incense to protect and promote enlightenment.
This is my ritual, but you can purge and purify in many ways as long as you affirm goodness and blessings as your heart and soul will be open to our universe.  Hold all in light with love.
We pave the way for hope and prosperity by preparing a special meal of steaks and crab legs with the classic spinach dip with hawaiian bread, veggies and healthy salad; and homemade chicken soup will promote health. We are not so much for the libations but I do have some warm glug with cinnamon at the ready.  The most important part of the day is to be with those you love and offer hugs and smooches as needed.
learn from yesterday
live for today
hope for tomorrow