Saturday, December 22, 2012

happy milestone birthdays

Happy Milestone Birthday to Steve, Darcy and Margarita.
First Steve hit the big 21 and entered his journey into official adulthood.  He will always be our Little Man, but he is well on his way to conquering his world.  As he attends DePaul, his first round showed how diligence pays off with 3 As and a B+.  Keep it up and your wings will soar wherever you want, my son.  While on school break he earned some spending dough by working at Macy's and they were so impressed with his work ethic, they kept him on for after the holidays. 
Our family tradition is that when you turn 21, Dad takes them to Tracy's in Westmont for a burger and a beer so they can get carded legally.  While Steve refrains from libations, he still ordered the brewsky and Wayne-O sipped it.  Now it's official. 

We celebrated the occasion by dining at Luciano's Woodfire Grill in Willowbrook.  We wanted a place no one ever frequented before, and the newly opened restaurant served the task.  Mike, the owner, made sure everything went smooth as silk.
Shortly thereafter, Darcy celebrated her milestone 25th birthday.  She has had quite a year filled with happy changes and we wholeheartedly embrace her into our family. 
 Darcy's folks came by for Thanksgiving so Steve made sure to capture the memory.
Mike planned a surprise 30th birthday party for his bride and we celebrated with family and friends. 
Dillan cannot quite understand how candles work.  There is no switch to turn the lights on and off and he is mesmerized by them. 
We now enjoy another extension for these blessed gatherings with Margarita's family. 
Steve did his best to get everybody in this photo.  Some guests already left, but those who lingered are included. 
God bless you all as you continue your journey.  Love and hugs xo