Friday, June 29, 2012

happy first birthday dillan

One year has passed since you arrived in our world.  What a journey it has been. As grandparents, we have known immeasurable joy and learned many things in the process.  The secret is to go with the flow and don't worry about a thing (3 little birds.)  Our hearts skip a beat when you see us and squeal with delight.  You recognize your family and feel our love. Those big baby blue eyes reflect your soul.
You have accomplished so many milestones lately, especially the art of walking.  Once you found your wheels, there is no stopping you.  It is funny to see you in shoes but you mastered that immediately, just like everything else.   Days are spent exploring the world around you and practicing how to open and close doors, dash up and down stairs, associate sounds and who makes them.  When an airplane flies overhead, you hold up your arm and look up.  When the dogs bark, you imitate them and when you look at flowers in the garden, you touch them and speak in a language only you know for now (or in your case, two languages)  but you are indubitably telling a story.
You helped me make soup which you tasted and really enjoyed. In the last few weeks you have conquered turning on and off the light switches and call it "yite".  Ceiling fans amaze you and your favorite song is B-I-N-G-O.  We dance the polka to that song.
When you come to visit we have the good old sandbox and splishy pool at the ready for you.  Born in the sign of Cancer, you love water and play for a long time in the pool and really like the sprinklers when we take our walks.  You have a healthy appetite and love watermelon and bananas and lately flavored yogurt.  The baby biscuits are a hit, too.
We all made a journey to Brookfield Zoo on Father's Day and you got a kick out of all the amazing animals.  Of course, all of them go "roof roof".  The best part of the whole day for you was playing with the wind chimes at the gift shop. 
On Monday and Tuesday we have special time during my Dillan Days and I must say, I don't know who wears out who the most and there is never a dull moment. Naps do rule!
Sunday we will celebrate your big day with family and friends at the park and make more memories.
Spoiler alert:  you get to eat ice cream cake, too!
Check out those chompers. 
 Life passes so quickly, but we are constantly clicking our cameras to capture the moments that take our breath away, which is every single second you are in our life.  Remember what I say as I rock you to sleep ~ you are big, brave, strong, beautiful, important and loved.  You are my sunshine.  Happy birthday, cha cha boo (ya ya). xo