Wednesday, May 30, 2012

may marriages

Mike and Margarita Wind tied the knot on May 19 after planning this gala affair for two years. 
The ceremony was held at St. Cyril Church in Lemont in the Polish tradition.  Wayne's cousin asked upon entering "what,  are we in Rome?"
The wedding party looked divine and brought beauty and lots of laughter to the day.
We were excited to witness the joining of Wind and Silinskaite families.
Some of my family members were able to attend the church portion while others joined us at the reception at Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford.
Mike, Dillan and Margarita Wind
They took advantage of the surrounding beauty and captured more memories at this bridge in Lemont.
Mike and his entourage.
Andrius the photographer has a keen eye.
Family and friends.
Reception in Rockford.
We danced all evening.
As the Wind family grows stronger and larger, we cherish the moments that take our breath away.
Molly and Mike Antoniolli wed the next week on May 26.  Mike and Mike have been buddies since kindergarten and share their journeys.
They stood up to each other's weddings.
The ceremony was held at St. Francis Church in Wilmette.
Trolley transported the bridal party to the reception at Michigan Shores Club.
The bride and groom travel in style ~ an old Rolls Royce :)
Our dear friends, Mary and John, parents of the groom.
My men all gussied up in their blue penguin suits. It was Memorial Weekend
We finally visited the Ba'hai Temple in Wilmette.  Spectacular.
Steve was apprentice to the photographer.
Stunning grounds.
The Winds.  D and D will be next.
Warm wishes to the newlyweds.  May your journey be filled with much love and lots of laughter. 
As an update, one week after they were wed, Mike and Molly Antoniolli officially became doctors, healers of our world. 

Mike and Margarita Wind listed their condo on the market and will build a bigger nest with Dillan when they purchase a new home.  Making room for more grandbabies to come?   Life is good. xo