Friday, December 30, 2011

six months

Look at you, ChaChaBoo!  Half a year ago we became grandparents and have known true bliss while holding you in our arms.  You have grown so big ~ I bet you weigh 20 pounds now.  Every month you have milestones and this last one was mostly about awareness and curiosity about everything that surrounds you and how it works.  You held out your arms to reach and touch everything you see. 
Having you over for 20 to 30 hours a week really helped us bond and you know me when I sing You are my sunshine and giggle every time.  You even turn the pages of the book, then tried to explore it with your mouth.  Now you have two choppers on the bottom!  Grandpa wants to give you steak LOL  Not yet, although you really like to eat solids and cluck when you see your little spoon and dish, for you know what's coming.  You already know what BaBa is and whine when you see me heating it up for you.
Poppie and Tuti gave you your Christmas present early so you could enjoy it sooner than later.  You really liked to check out the choo choo and look at Mr. Penguin stickers on the windows.
Once you figured out the Baby Einstein jumper and all its gadgets, you went to town, and jumped with glee when discovered you could turn around all by yourself. 
You won't be in your bouncer much longer and try to push forward to get out, but until then, Mr. Lion is one of your favorites.  I put it by the big Christmas tree so you can see all the lights and ornaments and listen to the finches chirping.
You look so cute with your little hats.  Your big, beautiful blue eyes light up.
Whenever I take a picture with my iphone you keep wondering what is that thing ~ and seem to say "again with the camera, Tuti?"
Someday you'll have whiskers and hair to pull like you do Poppie.  We see dark tresses starting to come in already.
The first blanket I bought you had tigger on it and to this day it is your favorite and you pull it near your cheek just before you fall into slumber for your naps.  Since you roll over now, I stay with you until you wake up and it's the best time for you realize who I am and that someone got your back.  We hold hands and you explore my fingers and hair and look into my eyes as if searching for my soul, which I give you gladly.  We watched all the kiddie Christmas shows like Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Frosty and Santa.
Poppie holds you right before he goes to work and first thing when he returns.  Sometimes he pops in for lunch just to get a hug.
You really like your changing table especially when I put you on your stomach so you can see that big, strong, brave, beautiful, important and loved little boy.  I tell you this as I change your diaper and apply moisture, lotion all over and make a big deal out of it.  Moisture, moisture, Dillan likes moisture. You like that.
You opened your first Christmas presents.  Your great aunt Dianne and Bonyok gave you Lamaze toy and book.
You always liked to watch that bird in the background by the tree when I nudged him and he shook for you.
Your great uncle Bonyok can't believe how big you are already. 
Dillan, you are the best present a grandparent could ever ask for.  We love you with all our hearts and hold you in the light with love, come what may.  xo