Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RIP Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve Nalepa 1917-2011
The gang's all here!  The last big hurrah together with your family was for your 90th birthday.  Everyone thought you were born on July 23 but a few years ago when we checked your birth certificate it noted your true day is July 26. 
We all refer to you fondly as Gubzie ~ the ultimate Cliffhanger.  There are many perks to holding this honor and after working hard your whole life, taking it easy is one of them.
Your greatest accomplishment is serving our country during World War II having achieved two medals for soldiering in Europe. 
One of your final words to us was "I have one step in heaven and I hope I don't fall down."  I am confident a plethora of angels, family and friends were anxiously waiting your arrival with open arms.  You knew you would be reunited for Christmas.
This Christmas the Nalepas and Winds will continue our Christmas tradition and gather to honor our family members now in heaven and remember all the good times together.  There are more up in heaven these days than on earth, but we'll continue your legacy until we all meet again.
Your simple pleasures included weekly getaways to our cottage in Delavan, Wisconsin.  You loved the boat rides and never complained when hitting those rough waves.  You just held on to your hat and enjoyed the ride.  You put me to shame as I grasped the rails while you just let the wind and sun shine on you.
Your final few years were spent at the Veteran's Home in Quincy and Manteno, where you and your fellow soldiers reminisced about the war. 
Our hearts are filled with tons of memories and we will be sure to share them this week. You always had a come see ~ come sa attitude. You and I shared our shots on many occasion so a toast to you, Uncle Steve. We are all blessed to have been a part of your life and now celebrate your passing home, where I know you are at peace.
 Family and Friends
Central Park Legion 1027 Heroes 
Padre Gavin Quinn's Blessing
Salute from your fellow heroes
Folding of our country's flag
Thank you...xo