Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's dillan day!

Today I begin my special time with Dillan.  We spent the morning looking around and we saw a hummingbird hovering our flowers.  I read Goodnight, Moon, Are You My Mother and But No Elephants.  He seems to like his new bouncy but doesn't stay in one place too long.
This is the fourth time this little fellow came by this week.  We never saw hummingbirds since we moved here so this is a real treat. 
It is so adorable to listen to him say agoo and ma and oh.  He is busy little dude with his kicking and batting at his mobiles.  He likes the music from my ipod and going outside.  It's a little too cool today but the sun is shining so it makes things feel good. We both took a lovely nap together.  I don't know who needed it more after yesterday, but naps rule!  He's waking up again, so off I go to play.  Thanks, my little rainbow.  I had the best day ever and look forward to many more.  xo