Saturday, September 10, 2011

happy 25th birthday danny!

Wow! Where did the time go?  A quarter of a century has flown by filled with tons of memories since you entered our world.  And look at you!  What an amazing man you have grown up to be.  You are just beginning your journey for the first part was filled with observing and learning how you will contribute to this thing called life.  You took your time to get where you want to be and just as a catepillar morphs from its cocoon and spreads its wings as a butterfly, here you are. 
This is your passage year, Danny.  I always knew the huge potential you carried, and perhaps I was a little harder on you so you would not waste all the talents you possess, but now you are choosing to show the world how awesome you are.  No matter how many setbacks and challenges you had to endure, you always dusted yourself off, got right back up and forged ahead.  You have no idea how happy your core family is to share your world and we limitlessly embrace your essence.  You are truly conquering your world to its fullest and in a matter of weeks, will accomplish a goal no one else in the Wind family did so far by obtaining your bachelor's degree at DePaul.  Dad is beside himself with pride of this achievement ~ and this is only the beginning for you.  You now have all the strategic tools in your toolbox and we can't wait to see what you will do next.
You have the honor of being godfather to your nephew, Dillan, which holds its own responsibilities for you to begin sharing all you know with him.  He is a lucky little dude.  Teach him wisely.   Between you and your brothers, he has the best of the best surrounding him with lots of love and support.  Maybe he will be the next Dave Grohl!  You can teach him how to drum and Mike can teach him the guitar.  Steve can direct him to perform.  Whatever you do, you can add role model to your repertroire. 

This is your year to shine, sweet son.  Now that we've had a taste of your time and involvement, we can't get enough of it, so keep it coming.  It warms my heart how much bonding is going on these days and that is because you chose to let us in.  What a wonderful gift for our family.  So on your special milestone day, bask is our love and warm wishes for a beautiful year and many, many more.  You are not old, you only just began your journey.  Make your memories and stand proudly at all you are.  Keep learning new things (like craps and roulette) so you can win big in Vegas next month.  Keep the passion fueled and your arms open.  We love you. xo