Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the embrace

She woke up to the sweet sounds of birds chirping outside her window.  The summer morning brought with it a slight breeze that felt refreshing after the humid night.  Did I dream?  Was it a lucid dream?  It felt so real.  Details came crashing upon her in a most curiously vivid manner.  She looked up at the artwork framed on her wall and noticed all the amazing detail.  How many times has she seen this and yet never really took time to capture all the breathtaking wisps of paint strokes that made it a masterpiece.  It said so much.  Who were these people?  Was it the artist in the piece, or the object of his embrace?  Before she could catch her breath, it dawned on her that she knew precisely how it feels to have the soft touch of his lips upon her neck, aching for strong arms to caress her...not only in this lifetime, but in many that have passed.  As she closed her eyes, the memories marred her mind once again...
 They had many lifetimes together, these two, however, in this current journey, she could only remember back to the time they were in France.  Images of the landscape and scenery remained hard pressed in her thoughts.  When she read romance novels pertaining to the era, it was as if she knew exactly how things were. She wore beautiful clothes and attended numerous balls and had the social graces necessary to mingle with royalty.  It was at one of these events she initially connected with him.  He was the general of his army, a high-positioned and important military man.  His uncanny methods won battles and his supreme strategies earned loyalty and respect from his soldiers and fellow strategists.  He was a leader among men and his attributes included strength, patience and tenacity.  He was an honorable man with integrity and soon she was to discover he was compassionate as well as passionate.  He was quickly captivated by her beauty and when their eyes found each other, they were locked forever. 
The next lifetime consumed her thoughts. Their communion must have occurred during World War I ~  once again in France.  He was a flyboy, which now made sense to her, as she so loves the sky.  She could not recall how they reconnected this round, but most times she feels his embrace as when they were together.  Once again, he held a high position in the war in the air and masterminded many flights that proved successful because of his strategies.  She was his muse, his inspiration, the wind beneath his wings.  As in the past, he had chosen another to share his life with, but his heart skipped its beats when he was with her.  She fit perfectly in his life, for she, too, had other interests to attend to, and wanted for nothing.  She was well-loved by many and did not need to be kept, as she had her own resources.  They fueled each other's fires for however long they needed in this lifetime and when circumstance had them part ways, they both knew they would meet again.
  The next lifetime was less stressful for them.  They spent many afternoons sharing strawberries and tequila and verbally expressing their love for one another.  Monday was to be their special day.  They played little games and giggled at their jokes and listened to soothing music.  She anticipated his visits and cherished the memories they would make.  His time was limited due to other duties, but he made the effort to share what little moments he could with her.  She never disappointed him.  These fleeting moments would fill their hearts like flames in a fire.
To him, she was beautiful.  He told her so.  She cried when he did.  They danced and held each other as close as they could without melding as one, neither wanting to let go.  When she looked into his deep blue eyes, she saw her own reflection, and he was illuminated by her love when he reciprocated.  In this lifetime, they were both well aware of how precious their time was and clung tightly, with gratitude, at each encounter.  Once she wrote the word time and gave it to him in a bottle.  They became saviors to one another in times of need.  He was her Hercules; she was his cookie.  As fate would have it, they shared a decade together, more than any other;  but alas, life situations caused their paths to uncross once again.  She would have to carry on without his embrace and let memories sustain her.  Oftentimes, on a quiet morning such as this, she holds him in the light with love and asks the universe to bring him joy and goodness.  He will never be unloved.  Destiny is destiny.

 So it is and so shall it be.  xo