Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring has sprung!

It's official ~ spring has arrived.  The weather is gorgeous and my jonquils popped out to say hello once again.  We're due to reach into the 80s today so I can ride my Trek bike this morning, then Steve and I will plant some seeds in the gardens.  Good times. 
Here is little thumper bunny.  When I opened my blinds, he came out to greet me.  I call all the bunnies that hang out around these parts thumper and all the deer bambi.  Must be a childhood thing.
This is the mighty Miller ~ Kathy named him after the beer.  He is a lover dog and gives lots of smooches.  He amazed me all day as we attended a birthday bash for the baby of our big family, as Robert turned into a teenager.  Watch out, world! He started a blog called Robert's World for he is a very creative writer and I look forward to reading his shares.  He remains the youngest of Mom and Dad's 17 grandchildren.  Soon our little Dillon will hold the new title of youngest when he makes his entrance in a couple of months.
Here is Mike working diligently on our walls.  He is a perfectionist and really knows how to beautify a room.  Every Saturday he spends the day priming, plastering, sanding and painting our place.  We look forward to having him over but it is imperative we all stay out of his way so he can perform his task at hand.  Notice his tee shirt ~ Kevin in our hearts forever, in remembrance of his cousin.
He stops by on his motorbike (you can see it parked outside.)  The walls are looking so nice and after the floors are refinished he will apply the final coat.  I chose the color called calm air to soothe the senses. Good job, Mikey!  Then he will tackle the outside  :).  This week they begin the demolition of the lower bath.  The shower will be out of commision for a few weeks so it will be interesting to see everyone taking baths.  No one but me takes baths ~ ever.  It will be fun to see all the before and after pics of these projects. 

I hope you enjoy the beauty of our new season.  Please continue to pray for our Uncle Bill who, despite a few setbacks, forges forward in his quest for complete recovery and good health.  He is such an inspiration of strength and determination and his positive attitude continues to amaze me.  The support of his bride for almost 50 years warms my heart and the love of his entire family is evident in this journey. I know he counts his blessings everyday. 

Oh, happy day! xo