Monday, April 4, 2011

baby cakes


Here I go again...I am now attempting to make another cake, but this time it will be for the baby shower.   As I pondered the ingredients to prepare this creation, I had a brainstorm to go to Babies R Us and find some items on the wish list registry and make it that way.  This will be a challenge as the colors and materials are so eclectic, but I figured what the heck?  I had a blast perusing the isles for all the little necessities and some things that were just plain adorable, not to mention so soft and cuddly.  After attempting to combine all the items in one cake, I realized it is necessary to make two cakes.

bottom layer

To begin, make sure you have a solid base as the blankets will need support.  I found a couple of actual cake bases at Wilton's.   Also have plenty of pins - straight, safety or better yet, diaper pins and an assortment of pretty ribbons.  This way when it is dismantled, Mama can use everything in the cake later on.  You can use towels or blankets, but the first layer will be larger, so two are needed.  Fold one blanket in half ~  lengthwise ~ then once again.  Repeat for the other blanket.  Place them end to end with an inch overlapping and beginning at one end, roll very tightly.  Secure the side with pins and put face up.  This is the first layer.  It may be easier to add some bigger items in the blankets as you are rolling instead of stuffing them in later.  See what works best for you.  I used the bigger blankets as my base layer.

second layer

Now take smaller towels or blankets and repeat as above.  If the material is thinner, you may want to use three or four instead of two.  I am using four receiving blankets.  Connect all four just as above and stuff as you go along, or wait until later to include items such as baby powder, lotions, bottles, etc. 

third layer

I am going with a bath towel set with handcloths for this layer so I must alternate a towel, then hand towels individually rolled and place them creatively together.  Continue adding the lighter enhancements such as spoons, little toys or rattles and pacifiers. 


If you plan to include diapers, or make a cake solely with diapers, fold individual diapers as above and wrap each separately.  Secure with a rubber band in the middle.  Wrap a ribbon around the rubber band to hide it.  Stand each diaper next to another when a full circle is complete, wrap in ribbon to secure together.  You can make continuous layers of diapers only and enhance with little treats.  I must share a resource for someone who will make these cutesy creations if you don't want to spend the time making it yourself and from her photos they look fantastic ~ Diaper Cakes by Ria.

icing on the cake

The final piece will include a ceramic container which was given to me for one of my son's birth celebrations.  I saved it knowing I would be blessed with at least one grandson and I was right.  I also found some items used for my own baby shower 25 years ago and decided to include them in the mix.   Now embellish the cake with little trinkets where there are openings and place a decorative ribbon around each layer and baby's breath on each level.

Endless possibilities.   xo