Wednesday, January 23, 2013

yoga for the soul

Fear can only grow in darkness.  Once you face fear with light, you win.  Steve Maraboli
My soul has been yearning for an outlet to embrace gratitude and serenity, and once again, I found the place that provides me with same.  Last week Darcy and I attended my sister's yoga class and our souls sang with glee.  Kiki has been instructing yoga for a decade and one of her locations is at the St. Joseph home in LaGrange.  The beauty of this place is in the multitude of artwork by Sr. Mary and the peaceful ambiance of the chapel.  It's amazing what happens in a mere 90 minutes. This week Steve joined me and he fell in love with the whole experience.  His comment was "this is exactly what I need." 
Thanks to my sister, Kiki, for providing this opportunity to keep in touch with my essence.  My love for you holds no bounds.  Our mantra: we shall overcome!
I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then... Lewis Carroll
but today, I can find joy in the moments that take my breath away. xo