Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fall food (dillan's breakfast)

As autumn arrives I thought it appropriate to share Dillan's breakfast menu.  We have a pretty cool routine together on Monday and Tuesday and after he arrives, we take a walk around the neighborhood.  When we get home, he enjoys his breakfast wholeheartedly.  He has started to experiment with eating on his own and is showing signs of being ambidexterous.   
Oatmeal for Dillan
I discovered a delicious embellishment to the everyday oatmeal recipe and it really makes a difference in taste.  Instead of cooking old fashioned oats the old fashioned way, in a skillet, try toasting the oats in a tablespoon of butter for four minutes.  Then I pour 2 1/2 cups toasted oats into a pot with 2 cups milk and 2 cups water and simmer for 25 minutes. Add applesauce, a dash of cinnamon and mushed banana to the mix.  Hearty.  He also has a piece of toast and sips a little juice to wash things down.  He likes to feed some of his toast to me and giggles when I make a big deal out of how good it tastes..  As he would suggest...mmmmmm.
When Grandpa comes by during his lunch break, words cannot describe the bond these two guys have formed, so this photo will have to do.  All day long he asks for his Grandpa and even points to a photo in his favorite book that kinda sorta looks like him.  It's amazing and beautiful to witness.
We spend our day looking at the garden, walking outside with the doggies, listening and dancing to his Bingo music, turning the lights on and off and basically, checking out how things work in his world.  He will spend 20 minutes playing with the pots and pans, sorting the lids and pretending they are drums, since his uncle no longer keeps his here.  Our dogs are bonding with him as well and I am amazed at how they are learning to respect boundaries and how he enjoys giving them treats and brushing their hair.  His biggest thrill is playing peekaboo, I'm gonna get you.  Screams galore!
When Uncle Steve is not in school, Dillan (Buddy) knocks on his door and squeals when he sees him for he knows all the fun games they play together.  They check out the garden and he also likes his music and bops around listening to it, especially Lady Gaga.
Uncle Dan stopped by on his birthday and entertained the little guy for a bit.  Dillan and the doggies sang to him.  He keeps looking downstairs wondering where they went but he had a recent visit to his new place.  Eventually, he'll put the pieces together.
Daddy and Dillan.  No words necessary:  priceless. 
As he continues to amaze us with his cuteness, I must share this little clip depicting his personality.  Hope it brings a smile and even a little chuckle.  Magnify that by a million and you will know our bliss. 
Happy fall, y'all xo