Saturday, February 18, 2012

new journeys

As we continue our journey in the short time we have here this round, I find my heart singing by not what I am accomplishing as much as what my offspring do.  The years pass quickly and I was wise enough to absorb as much as possible and not take anything or anyone for granted.  I hope I remember more than I forget which is why I blog, I guess.  My boys can always know a little bit about me even if don't remember as they were growing up.  If it's in writing, they can always go back and reflect.  A strong sense of pride and a little relief occur when their parents witness their own journeys unfolding.  We step back a little bit each day so they can embrace their future on their own discover all life has to offer and allow them to make their choices. As adults, they discover more new terrain and sometimes it can be a little scary in the big, sometimes bad world out there.  Deep in their hearts they know we always have their backs, but it is now their time to spread those wings and take off  with whatever they themselves absorbed under our watch. 
Lady bugs are supposed to be good luck so I share this cutesy pic to wish them lots of luck in their new endeavors.  Mike enjoys the comforts of his own new family and begins a whole new journey with his own son.  His whole life is changing in ways he never knew possible and the joy a son brings is insurmountable.  Words cannot express the bliss, but now he knows how we felt with each of our own sons.  Dan resumed his relationship with Darcy and they are full speed ahead, learning from life's lessons and embracing the endless possibilities as they end their days as students and bask in the pride of their hard earned accomplishment with the college diploma opening doors to new and exciting careers.  Darcy has been granted a coveted paid internship and Dan will pursue a masters in his chosen career.  Meantime, they are having fun house hunting and so am I.  I am no stranger to this process and share what I know to decrease the daunting challenge it can be.  They have time to find the perfect nest without pressure so it is more exciting than stressful for them.  Steve is so busy these days with completing his studies at the community college and forging ahead with being accepted at DePaul in the fall.  We will take processing that goal one step at a time.  He is successfully juggling the demands of working, attending college, and special projects.   He promoted a new endeavor with his colleagues in the production of a story called Cody's Girl and they had a fundraiser to supply funds to get this accomplished.  It was enlightening to see how passionate he was about this project and he was rewarded with much support from his family and friends.  His biggest thrill is being asked to take on the task of film marketing coordinator for the new movie being distributed world wide called
You can visit the link at  He is avidly spreading the word about this adorable movie to all so when it is released sometime around Father's Day, he can boast his role in its successful awareness.  Steve is determined and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and knowing him, it is a given.  This could be his portal to his own career.
I had to share this garden for here is where my heart is these days, with discovering the beauty our earth offers and appreciating the simple blessings it provides.  I learned not to sweat the small stuff  and it has brought me contentment and solace.  It takes a long time to get to this frame of mind, and maybe that's how it is supposed to be. 
These are my ultimate favorite flowers.  I love their beautiful colors, the arrangement and their femininity.  This is my goddess bouquet. 

Like the song says "we don't have to make it perfect...
oh, but maybe we could try...

love me for the woman that I am...
and I will love you.  xo