Monday, January 30, 2012

happy birthday kiki ~ the big one!

Today we celebrate your milestone birthday ~ 50 years in this thing called life which seems to pass like a blink of an eye.  I vividly recall your birth and your older siblings and I were overwhelmed at how adorable you were.  You may have entered our world as a wee little babe, but your heart and soul are gigantic.  As kids, we squeezed into one bedroom and when you were placed in your crib as a toddler, you wanted no part of it for you always wanted to be where the action was and all you had to do was look at us with those big baby blues and we picked you up to join us.  Your voice was strong and despite your size, you would not take any guff.  I always admired this and look to you for lessons in assertiveness.  We lovingly called you Kiki, Peanut Baby and that name stuck.  Growing in a household of 10 energies was never easy as we all had our own perspectives and personalities, but you and I had much in common and we were party pals when we were groupies to listen and dance our hearts out to Wayne-O's band, Snapps.  We share similar taste in music and like to dress more unique and boast being non-conformists.  As fellow Aquarians, our souls cannot resist the temptation to try to improve the world in our own little way and our hearts get heavy when we encounter conflicts.  This sensitivity is also our strength, for we see things in a different scope than most.  That is why we remain connected ~ we always find a way back to each other.  My spirit soars when we share our life journey.
We chose you to be the first godmother to our firstborn son for you would raise him as I would should anything ever happen to me.  Even though I'm still around and kickin', you remain an integral part of their lives.  Time has brought us back to each other and now we forge ahead making new memories as often as possible.  We share the joy of illuminating others with our mystical connection in yoga and reiki.  It's interesting how we both gravitated toward these modalities.  Not only are we sisters, but friends and confidantes.  We learned how to forgive and our bond is stronger and we are wiser.  We share favorite pasttimes in reading the same books and enjoy the same movies and music.  When we discussed how powerful The Tree of Life was to us, I shared same with Steve and he immediately went out and bought new supplies to create your own painting to keep as a reminder we are all connected.   When you visited baby Dillan, you and I felt the magic and supreme joy of holding him and knowing he is the rainbow to new beginnings and another chance of hope for us to get it right in the world. 
You may be half a century today, but you are very young at heart (and you look half your age, to boot!)  I look forward to sharing the rest of our time reminiscing about our shared past and the lessons we have learned, and look forward to embracing the new joys we will know as our children begin their journey, for it is their world now.  We did our best and can pat each other on the backs and keep our fingers crossed in hopes that the things we taught them will help them to figure it all out.  Just for today, take a breath, bask in the love I have for you, exhale, and release any pain or unwanted energies.  Find a way to be still and let our universe fill you with amazing grace.  We will join together to celebrate at Dan's place and make some more memories over a delicious dinner.  Meantime, know I am blessed and grateful you are my sister and more importantly, my friend.  Love you, Kiki.   Namaste.  xo