Monday, May 2, 2011


Sometimes life can be unkind and we experience more than our share of difficult challenges, heartache and uncontrollable situations.  Mother Earth has been devastating families with her unnatural natural disasters and some days we feel helpless and fearful.  In the Bible, after the great flood, God promised he would always give us a symbol to comfort us in dire straits.  He offered us the rainbow as a guiding light of hope.  May officially arrived and brought with it many rainbows.  Warmer weather and sunshine are with us, our Polish Pope John Paul II has been blessed and beatified, the icon of evil, Osama Bin Laden has met his demise thanks to the command of our country's leader and the bravery of our Navy Seals, and on a more personal scale, the first day of May brought  many of our loved ones together to shower our family with joy.  The love that Mike and Margarita share for each other will bring forth our little rainbow, Dillan, in  a matter of weeks.  The hope of brighter days fills our hearts. 
Our special day was held at the historic Mason Sabika in Naperville, with their famous brunch including tapas.  Margarita prepared the invitations, flower arrangements and helped to fold all the ribbons on the napkins, which made for happy bonding between us. 
We played a few games and mingled with friends and family.  The weather cooperated so people could enjoy the blooming gardens.  My sister, Kiki, won the prize of homemade scented teddy bears made by my niece, Melissa, when she had the most items in her purse ~ 110.  We always kid her about how heavy it is and her response is "it must be my ipod."  LOL   Now we know she has more items in her bag than Mary Poppins! 
The generosity of everyone who attended was overwhelming and the happy couple kept talking about how blessed they are ~   Mike kept going back and forth to Aunt Diane's table to offer his thanks to everyone sitting at that table for the presents they showered upon them.
It was heartwarming to rehash the celebration in our home later that evening with Mike, Margarita and Anthony; and just hearing the joy in their voices made me realized God is truly bringing us hope and happier days.  Darcy, Colin and Kristina pitched in during the day to help things go smoothly, Robin's daughter, Jackie, saved my voice by coordinating a few games, and Steve did a superb job of being the photographer, collecting close to 400 pictures.  Of course I already shared a fourth of them with my beloved facebook buddies.  :)
Keep the faith and fill your days with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! xo